Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 17th May 2022 Written Update:

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Episode begins with Gangoba asking do you comprehend what Ahilya is doing, she has gotten a delicate subject, pandit is likewise stressed that he will not get a beneficiary, he will contemplate helping other people, this regulation is pixie, it will end up being a great matter, and afterward it will help Renuka as well.

Ahilya says it very well may be a progressive regulation, it can change lives of numerous ladies like Renuka, a lady comes to her Sasural and serves everybody, assuming she is a widow and has no youngster, in the event that she is tossed out, assuming that this occurs with your sister or little girl, what will occur of her on the off chance that you’re not with her. Renuka cries.

Ahilya requests that they see Renuka, she is so terrified, she will continuously follow the widow customs, she simply needs a help, she needs to give protective love to a kid, it will be a decent deed, right. Gunu ji figures we can’t steamed Kailash along these lines. Khanderao reviews his guarantee to Renuka.

Malhar requests that Khanderao settle on this. Khanderao thinks. Monitor several has come to request some youngster. Several comes there in the darbar. Malhar requests that they say the matter. The man says somebody has constrained our nephew and took him, we have come to take him back, return the nephew to us, he isn’t lost. The woman says he is in this royal residence.

Malhar asks who is he. The man says Bhola. Ahilya and Renuka are stunned. The man says his folks are no more, we guaranteed his folks that we will deal with him. Gautama is disturbed. Dwarka insults about Ahilya. Ahilya’s mum stops her and asks her not to affront Ahilya, she has got behind in turning into a decent spouse,

however, nobody can insult on her qualities, she has the best qualities, she has generally done right by us. Gunu ji says Bhola is a similar youngster who is remaining in the quarters with Renuka, Renuka was utilizing that kid and inspired him to get the property, this will bring up issues on her personality. Ahilya says Renuka didn’t get him, I got him here,

Bhola let me know that he has no family member. The man says don’t say this, we are alive, he isn’t a vagrant. Ahilya asks truly, for what reason did he live alone in that house after his mum passed on, I have seen his circumstance, he generally said that he is with his mum, he had shown his mum’s remains. Gunu ji says darbar will contribute entryway and find out, then, at that point, choice will be taken.

He says Ahilya has done everything, this can’t be an occurrence. Ahilya’s mum asks Gautama is she saying right. Dwarka says she has released Ahilya to get favors for the child. Ahilya’s mum says I realize she is unique, yet she holds values. Gautama stops Dwarka. Ahilya’s mum says I will make sense of Ahilya and make her connection with Khanderao like previously.

Khanderao requests that Gunu ji complete his statement. Gunu ji says I feel its some arrangement, why this, its simply to help Renuka in getting her freedoms, will changing the law for this be correct. Rakma comes and says Ahilya left the food on Bhola’s idiom, Bhola’s family members have come in darbar and they are charging Ahilya for constraining him to come here. Dwarka insults Ahilya’s mum. Ahilya says its no arrangement or connivance,

I didn’t get Bhola here with any expectation, he is a vagrant and he gets a help, Renuka and Bhola were holding great, they were joyfully remaining together, I got him here for profound reasons, I didn’t ponder reception that time. Gunu ji says when you discussed reception, then you considered Renuka embracing Bhola. She gestures. He says sorry, when did you get this thought, there is no evidence,

you believed Renuka should take on Bhola, you acknowledged this now, Darbar doesn’t run on feelings, everybody realizes that there is a strong purpose for your activities, right Malhar Sarkar. Malhar stops Ahilya. He says the purpose for getting Bhola here is another case, we will discuss it later, we are curious as to whether this couple is truly connected with Bhola or not. He requests that Ahilya get Bhola.

Precap :Bhola recognizes the arm band shown by the woman. Ahilya stresses.

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