Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 16th May 2022 Written Update:

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Episode begins with Bhola saying Renuka would rather not do without Ahilya. He tells her beginning and end and cries. Ahilya cries. Malhar says yesterday the darbar was canceled in light of the fact that Kailash hadn’t arrived, today the matter is something different, I have welcomed these pandits here,

darbar can’t be excused. Kailash says Renuka recounted counterfeit stories to Ahilya and stigmatized me, I need to record a case on Renuka. Gangoba says Renuka doesn’t have a clue about the issue coming on her in the event that she doesn’t come to the darbar. Tukoji says she is truly terrified, she won’t come without Ahilya. Ahilya requests that Gautama let her go to the darbar. Gautama says I won’t utter a word. She requests that Ahilya’s mum make sense of her.

Ahilya makes a respectable attempt to persuade them. She gets out whatever can be greater gift for my youngster than equity. Dwarka grins and says nobody can prevail upon Ahilya in talks, what else is there to do, let her go. Ahilya is leaving. Her mum comes in front and stops her. Ahilya’s mum doesn’t release her. Gunu ji says Renuka has no evidence against Kailash,

she didn’t come here, there is no case in such a circumstance, I demand you to take the choice in support of Kailash. Malhar says prior to choosing, do anybody needs to say something. Khanderao says we can’t do foul play, its pixie to stand by listening to both the gatherings, I believe on the off chance that Renuka couldn’t come today then… Ahilya comes and says Renuka has come to the darbar.

FB shows … Ahilya saying all of you believe that I should have food, fine, I will have it, however Bhola will have the food with me. Bhola won’t have food leaving Renuka in pressure. Ahilya says a small child has this sense, how might I eat then, at that point, will it not be great assuming I proceed to help Renuka, won’t her gifts be really great for my child.

Gautama requests that Ahilya’s mum open the entryway and let Ahilya go. FB closes. Renuka comes there. Malhar grins seeing Ahilya. Ahilya takes authorization to begin the case. Khanderao says we can now begin this case. He requests that Gunu ji present the case.

Gunu ji says we have no observer that Renuka was tormented, Renuka has one point, to get an offer in the property, she has no right on the property, she is a widow and has no kid, she was living on Kailash’s pity, in the wake of stigmatizing him, presently he has no obligation towards her.

Ahilya says you said it right, its not pixie that we generally take the choice by mind, here and there we can think by heart and choose, particularly when its about a spouse and a wife, on the off chance that a husband passes on, the wife has no freedoms on the house, why, we people make the law, so we people can transform it additionally, right Gunu ji.

Khanderao asks how is this conceivable that we change the old principles for one individual. Malhar says OK, it’s a long cycle to make a regulation, regulations can’t be made or changed in one day, what’s your proposition. Ahilya says I comprehend, I m not requesting to make another regulation, numerous arrangements are written in Shastras for a couple to get kids, one arrangement is reception. Everybody looks on.

Ahilya says a childless couple can embrace a kid to deal with their property and heirship, for what reason mightn’t a widow at any point take on a youngster, in the event that Renuka embraces the kid, the kid will get the privileges which her own kid will have. Renuka grins. Pandits ask how might this occur. Ahilya inquires as to for what reason might it at any point work out, there are numerous such models in illustrious families, the thing that matters is, a widow is doing this.

He asks how might a widow get it done, we can’t allow this. Gunu ji believes its great, pandits are flying off the handle on her once more, Malhar will think oftentimes previously incensing them. Ahilya says we as a whole regard you, pandit ji, I have one solicitation, Renuka’s better half is no more, yet Kailash is there, his family will have the main beneficiary, yet there are numerous such families where the successor will not be there, what will occur. Pandit says I additionally have one child, he remains sick, he doesn’t have a kid, you are correct, we likewise stress something very similar. Malhar grins.

:Two or three comes to the darbar and requests their nephew, Bhola. Ahilya is stunned.

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