Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 11th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Parikshit’s test going on. Malhar looks on and smiles. Parikshit fights bravely and proves his skills. Everyone looks on surprised. Parikshit defeats many opponents at once. Malhar laughs. He asks the men to leave. He sees Khanderao.

He claps for Parikshit. Everyone claps. Malhar says amazing, Parikshit, bravo, seeing your war skills, I m really impressed, you are given the Sardar post, Khanderao, your selection is really worth applauding, I expect Parikshit will mentor the army well.

Khanderao says my decision is never wrong, some people don’t understand it sometimes, that’s the problem. Malhar goes with Gangoba. Khanderao hugs Parikshit and congratulates him. He says we shall celebrate in the evening. Parikshit says as you say, I will go to the temple and thank Shiv for this position. He goes.

Parikshit prays in the temple. Renu comes there and prays. He says I heard about you, Ahilya said you are a widow since childhood, why do you come to pray to Lord. She asks why shall I blame the Lord when its my fate, I m thankful that I got a friend like Ahilya to heal my wounds, do you come to temple everyday. He says no, I just come to complain or thank, it was my test today, I have passed in it, I came to thank Lord.

She says congrats, it will be a big day for you. He says yes, Khanderao has shown much faith on me, I have to prove him true. Ahilya comes and says I want to ask you something. She says I wanted to come in the morning, but didn’t want to disturb you, I wanted you to win, I want a straight answer, how and when did Khanderao get addicted to alcohol.

She asks him to answer. He says sorry, I can’t tell you and cheat my friend. She says I m his wife and have a right to know, I want to end his addiction, you aren’t helping your friend and Rajya by staying silent, Khanderao is Malwa’s heir, he can’t be a drunkard. He says its four years that he got this addiction. She worries.

He says he lost his path. She asks why didn’t you stop him. He says I had tried, but he is too stubborn, who can know this more well than you, he didn’t listen to me. She steps back. He says I couldn’t stop him because I m poor in status, I lost to him. She says four years, that’s too long, that’s why is he not able to quit drinking now. She cries. Renu asks her not to worry. Rakma sees Ahilya crying. She says why is she crying at this time when Khanderao has come back. Ahilya goes. Renu talks to Parikshit. Rakma says there is some matter, they also look worried.

She goes to Dwarka. Dwarka asks her what’s the matter that she has come. Rakma sits and tells her everything. Dwarka and Yamuna look on. Dwarka says Ahilya came to the kitchen and was silent, what was she talking to outsiders. Rakma thinks Dwarka doesn’t like Ahilya, she will find out the matter. Dwarka asks Yamuna to keep an eye on Khanderao and Ahilya from today. She says Khanderao did something that’s wrong in Ahilya’s eyes, so she is upset and crying, its time to know his weakness.

Khanderao asks Ahilya where is she taking the dhol. She says in my room. He asks but why. She says until you agree to me, I would like to stay with the old memories. He stops her and asks what do you mean. She says you leave drinking, I will return this dhol to you, our married life will begin when you quit drinking. He takes the dhol and asks have you lost your mind, what are you saying, I have yearned for you for 7 years, you are talking of going away for me for a small thing.

She says its not a small thing, quit drinking, its a bad habit, I don’t want to lose you. He stops her and says you think you will convince me this way, wrong. She says I don’t like doing this, but I have to do this. He asks can you do this, don’t you have feelings for me, your eyes can tell you how you are yearning for me and my love. She cries. He asks when will that moment come when we get a chance to unite. She pushes him away.

Precap :

Harku says Khanderao didn’t go to darbar now. Gautama worries. Dwarka taunts her about Khanderao. She says Malhar would be regretting to declare Khanderao as his heir.

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