Parineetii 19th May 2022 Written Update:

Parineetii 19th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Robber let the Inspector know that he will kill Parineet on the off chance that they didn’t consent to send the key of the storage space. He yells three numbers and fires the firearm. Monty looks stunned. Mandeep comes to Vikram and cautions him to avoid Neeti as she isn’t great and she took off with somebody. Vikram says she got away with me and she isn’t behind me as she is locked in to somebody.

Mandeep says she might be appended to some unacceptable individual and who’s she drew in to? who are his loved ones? Vikram says he is great and came to commitment with his companions. Mandeep says he might be terrible that is the reason he didn’t accompany his loved ones. She leaves telling Gurpreet is sitting tight for her. Rajeev inquires as to whether she is fine. She concurs.

Looter says I didn’t shoot her however I will kill everybody in the event that you didn’t send the vital in 15 m. Monitor says they need 30m as Mukesh took off with the key. Burglar requests that she use CCTV and gives her 20m of time. Chief requests that Inspector handle the case positively and tells he send Arjun to lead the mission. She concurs and thinks Commissioner isn’t confiding in her. Media individuals encompass Inspector with their inquiries. The overseer demands them to not employ any news on television as it will release their activity to Robbers. Media individuals concur.

Neeti sees bank burglary news. She feels tense and calls Parineet yet her telephone is inaccessible. She calls Vikram and requests that he call Rajeev. He tells the telephone isn’t associating. Neeti lets him know she is going to the bank. Vikram tells he will come there. Arjun tells Inspector Kiran that he is driving the mission.

Parineet makes the young lady hydrate. The burglar points a firearm at Parineet. Rajeev takes the weapon and he held the Main looter at a gunpoint. He requests that different clients leave the bank. Everybody leaves from that point. A young lady leaves the bank. Rajeev requests that Parineet leave however she declines. Rajeev makes vow on himself and makes Parineet leave. Shilpi tells the entryway isn’t opening. Parineet sees the telephone.

Looters get them once more and close the fundamental entryway and grab hold of certain prisoners. They look for Pari, Rajeev, and Monty. The Head of the theft plan illuminates what’s going on outside to his group. Media individuals cover young lady. She lets them know Rajeev saved her.

Neeti feels blissful realizing Rajeev is with Parineet. Chandrika watches the news and illuminates relatives that Rajeev is caught in a bank. Rajeev chastens Pari and Monty for not using the opportunity to escape from the bank. She lets him know she can’t leave him in the peril.

Precap – Rescue activity begins. Neeti shows up at the bank to save Pari.

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