Parineetii 18th May 2022 Written Update:

Parineetii 18th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Rajeev asking Parineet what occurred. Parineet says you care for me so much and you’re right and in this present circumstance, we need to essentially think. Burglar notice a gold box came from the fundamental branch. Looter get Monty and points weapon at him. Parineet undermines her with her fingers. She makes her drop the weapon. Monty lets them know that their telephone won’t function as they obstructed the organization and their telephones got associated through wifi.

Parineet signs Rajeev to take out genuine weapon. Rajeev doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Monty informs him. Burglar attempts to go after him yet Rajeev focuses a weapon at her. Parineet calls Neeti however she doesn’t go to the call seeing Vikram. Parineet calls the police and illuminates them about the theft. Burglars encompass Rajeev. Parineet tells Constable that she called them wrongly. Constable comprehends through code that Kdm bank is captured. Looters caution Rajeev that they will kill Parineet assuming Police come here.

Primary branch individuals get the message and leave from that point taking gold bag before the Robbers get them. Parineet, Rajeev and Monty escape from Robbers. Burglars look for them in each lodge. Rajeev conceals Parineet under the table. Chief got away from the bank opening the entryway. Burglar fires firearm out of frustration. Another Robber gets Parineet. Parineet yells Rajeev to save him. Rajeev believes it’s great assuming that she passes on in this assault. Monty asks what’s he thinking. Rajeev lets him know he needs to save Parineet and goes inside to save her. Neeti meets Vikram and asks didn’t he tackle her concern. Vikram tells her he tackled her sibling’s concern. Neeti lauds him. Vikram guarantees her that he won’t let anything happens to her siblings. Neeti lets Vikram know that they can become companions. Vikram concurs. Mandeep sees them and believes how’s he doing Neeti. She calls Vikram and inquires as to whether his work is finished. Vikram tells he is headed to bank. He signs Neeti to converse with his mother. Neeti denies. He cuts the call. Mandeep gets them wrong. Neeti leaves subsequent to welcoming him to the party she is arranging with Rajeev and Parineet.

Burglar gripes to her head about Parineet. Parineet lets burglars know that they won’t ever help them. Rajeev sees all that and lets Monty know that she will battle and other time she becomes like a feline. Burglar a firearm at her. Pari figures Rajeev won’t come for her. Burglars get Rajeev as well. Little kid makes Robber drop his weapon hitting his hand. Everybody attempts to get away however Robbers undermine them with their firearms and cause them to sit in their places. Principal looter requests that his subordinates break the storage telling he really wants all the gold. His men tell the Police showed up. Investigator calls them and cautions them to give up however Robber denies and tells her that he will send the dead body of the young lady. Assessment requires a power group. Parineet feels frightened.

Precap – Neeti accepts Parineet’s video message and shows up at the bank to save her. Looter shoots Parineet.

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