Pandya Store Written Update 23rd September 2022:

Pandya Store Written Update 23rd September 2022 on

Episode begins with Krish halting Shweta and inquiring as to whether she truly needs to wed her, on the off chance that she will love her choice later on. Shweta answers she will not. Thus, Krish pronounces that they needn’t bother with anybody’s authorization as they are grown-ups. He says that they will get hitched in the sanctuary with the gifts of her folks. Everybody is stunned by Krish’s choice.

Shweta trusts that Suman stops Krish. Suman shouts to Krish. She says that she can never allow him to wed Shweta. She undermines Krish to toss him out of the house and cut all binds with him on the off chance that he weds Shweta. Krish says that Suman has three different children and little girls in-regulation to care for him, yet Shweta is dealing with an illegitimate youngster alone, so he needs to help her.

He adds that he will return subsequent to wedding Shweta to take her approval and will remain there. He reminds Suman that she used to despise Rishita, yet entirely now she’s her #1. He says that Shweta will likewise make a spot in her heart and she will cherish her. He requests that Suman allow Shweta an opportunity. Suman pronounces that she has no connection with Krish. She beats him with her stick. The Pandyas attempt to stop Suman.

The last option drops the stick, getting worn out. Suman says that Krish is making her extremely upset with his choice. She requests that he escape the house alongside Shweta. Krish tells Shweta that Suman concurred. He shares with Shweta not to be frightened of Suman’s brutality, this is her method for gift them.

Krish starts to leave, holding Shweta’s hand. Shweta leaves Krish’s hand. She will not wed Krish against Suman’s desires. Dhara tells Suman that Shweta regards her words. She says that Krish’s decision is right and demands her to concur.

Shweta gives Chiku to her mother and says that she would rather not wed Krish against his family’s desires. She attempts to persuade Suman, yet all the same it’s to no end. She says that perhaps she’s not fortunate to have been the little girl in-law of this family. Krish imagines that he needs to persuade Shweta to wed him for the wellbeing of Dhara.

Krish shouts to Shweta, however she leaves. Shweta leaves saying thanks to God deep down for saving her from this wedding. Inside, Krish shares with Suman that she demonstrated that she couldn’t care less about him. All of a sudden, a vehicle hits Shweta and she blacks out.

The Pandyas and the Patels come out hearing Shweta’s shout. They are stunned to find Shweta lying oblivious in the street. They take her inside the house and care about her. Shweta’s mother faults Suman for Shweta’s mishap. She reproaches Suman for not tolerating an unmarried mother as her little girl in-regulation. Dhara safeguards Suman.

Shweta acquires cognizance. Shweta’s mother announces that she doesn’t believe Shweta should wed Krish when Suman is against this marriage. Shweta becomes cheerful. Dhara says to Shweta’s mother that they will persuade Suman. Notwithstanding, Shweta’s mother prepares to leave, taking Shweta with her.

Incredibly, Suman stops Shweta holding her hand. Suman says that she requested that Shweta take off from the house, not the world. She says that she feels that she can keep Krish blissful. Shweta and Rishita are stunned by Suman’s choice, while the remainder of the family are cheerful and say thanks to Suman.

Dhara takes care of desserts to everybody to celebrate it. Rishita won’t eat the desserts. Shweta’s mother needs to fix the wedding date. Dhara says that Suman knows a minister, so she will fix the date. Shweta’s mother concurs. Suman proposes Shweta and her folks shift them to a close by house to deal with the wedding arrangements. Dhara says that Hemant’s home is unfilled. Suman says that he will converse with them. Shweta is troubled. Suman imagines that she will trust that Krish will concede that he needs to wed Shweta for Dhara.

Precap: Shweta is available for any emergencies with somebody. Shweta says that she’s compelled to wed Krish. Rishita faces Shweta. She inquires as to why she consented to wed Krish. Shweta says that she has proactively told the explanation. Rishita asks who is going to Dubai, for whom she look through work and house there. Shweta’s telephone rings. Shweta looks stunned.

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