Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update 23rd September 2022:

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update 23rd September 2022 on

Episode begins with Yuvan let Banni know that he is feeling terrified. Banni says you want to heed the chief’s guidance and she requests that he not get frightened. Yuvan kisses her hands and says thanks to her. Agastya sees everything. Yuvan says I’m nothing without you.

Banni says now all will be great and I will get just blissful tears. Yuvan sees Agastya in shock. Banni requests that Yuvan not get terrified as Agastya acknowledged our statement of regret. Yuvan expresses gratitude toward Agastya. A shooting part calls Yuvan first floor. Banni sends him taking care of sugar and curd.

Team part directs Yuvan on how he needs to whirl the courageous woman. Yuvan lets Banni know that he can’t make it happen. Banni guarantees him saying he can do it then he serves beverages and pasta to team individuals. Yuvan neglects to hit the dance floor with heroin and he feels awkward.

Agastya advises Banni that he needs to apologize to her and guarantees Banni that he will direct Yuvan turning into his tutor. Banni says Yuvan has her. Agastya says it’s difficult like cooking. Banni says cooking is difficult.

Agastya says sorry, I realize cooking is extreme as well. Yuvan makes Champion tumble down. Mona says I can’t act with him and leaves. Chief says how might they shoot without a woman? Yuvan proposes to utilize Banni.

Team individuals are against his recommendation. Agastya stops them and tells Banni is a decent decision and through this, we can show how Banni believes that her significant other should turn into a rockstar. Group individuals concur. Banni says I can’t. Yuvan and his relatives demand her to make it happen.

Banni denies it and leaves for her room. Banni shuts the entryway without seeing which harms Agastya’s hand. Banni applies ice to his hand and requests that he take pain reliever. Agastya takes it. He inquires as to whether she opens a clinical shop at home. Banni says it’s Yuvan’s pack. She applies cream to his hand. Agastya requests that she consent to act in a promotion go for Yuvan’s prosperity. Devraj comes there and requests that she concur.

Banni is demonstrated to move a two part harmony with Yuvan for the photograph shoot. Yuvan can’t do it appropriately. Chief requests that he do it accurately. Agastya has Yuvan’s spot and tells Yuvan the best way to do the step with Banni.

Yuvan requests that he do it once again. Agastya rehashes it. Banni feels awkward. Agastya inquires as to whether he comprehends. Yuvan says he gets it yet he can’t act positively. Chief requests that he perform like a man seeing her, dislike a youngster.

Rohan tells Agastya that Banni will take care of his responsibilities. Viraj jokingly says it must be broadcast on television. Charmi says it must be as they are joined by God. It’s shown the way that Agastya changed Yuvan’s prescriptions with assistance of Rohan.

Agastya reviews his abuses. He sees them and contemplates internally, sorry Yuvan you are a decent vocalist yet you need to get crushed as need might arise to demonstrate to my father and watchers that my choice is great and you can’t turn into a rockstar.

Precap – Banni lets Agastya know that they need to cause Yuvan to satisfy his fantasy. Agastya concurs. Yuvraj gets injured while taking the bag. Banni feels stressed. Seeing this Manini figures I will find out how Yuvan turning out to perform tomorrow.

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