Pandya Store 1st November 2022 Written Update:

Pandya Store 1st November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Suman telling Dhara that she needs to take off from the house alongside Shweta assuming the last option commits any error once more. Dhara guarantees Suman that Shweta will not. Suman communicates that she needs Krish to likewise settle down in existence with Shweta. Suman acclaims Rishita and says thanks to her for exposing Shweta. She jokes by saying that Rishita isn’t more virtuoso than her.

At the Pandya store, Shiva hears Dev and Gautam looking at sending Shiva and Raabi to Goa. Shiva ponders which FD Gautam is going to encash for this arrangement. He considers dismissing the Goa trip, yet he alters his perspective as Gautam could be harmed in the event that he straightforwardly rejected. He feels that Raavi will not get leave, so the arrangement will get dropped.

At Arnab’s office, Arnab says that he will ce office even upon the arrival of Diwali as his folks live with his siblings in the US. Raavi is going to welcome Arnab to her home to observe Diwali. She hallucines Shiva contending with her for welcoming Arnab to the house and promising to demolish Arnab’s Diwali. At the store, Dev likewise needs to contribute for Shiva and Raavi’s Goa trip. Gautam requests that Dev advise Rishita to persuade Raavi to get a couple of days’ leave from her office. Here, Raavi drops the arrangement to welcome Arnab home and wishes him a blissful Diwali.

Arnab requests that Raavi utilize the Diwali leave as the following week they need to go to Mumbai to go to a studio to become familiar with the trend setting innovation of hacking. He asks her not to have any plans after Diwali. Raavi concurs. There, Dev will not ask Rishita. He guaranteed Rishita to take Goa. Dev demands Dev not to enlighten her regarding Shiva and Raavi’s Goa excursion to Rishita as they had intended to go to Goa commonly, yet proved unable. Gautam guarantees him to send Dev and Rishita to go the following time. Dev embraces Gautam, expressing gratitude toward him.

Krish gets another pantry and another bed for Shweta. He shares with Shweta that she needs to utilize them from now on and not to contact his things. Shweta says that the bed is excessively little and will not rest in that bed. Krish says that the vs can’t pick. Shweta coerces Krish involving Chiku and says that she will rest in the large bed.

All of a sudden, Dhara shows up there. She sees the new bed and pantry. She addresses Krish about the relationship and solicitations him to allow Shweta an opportunity. Krish lies that he purchased the little bed for Chiku. Dhara feels awful to hear this. She leaves. Krish cautions Shweta. He says that he will expose her assuming she commits any error in the future. He cautions her not to set out to coerce him with Chiku once more.

During supper, Pandyas talk about the Diwali festivity. Gautam recommends observing Diwali basically that year. He says that he will put away the extra cash. Shweta hears this from the kitchen. She imagines that she will ensure that Pandyas will fail this Diwali so she can demonstrate Dhara is abusing Chiku’s cash. She sneers.

Rishita needs to observe Diwali in an extraordinary manner as it’s Chiku and Chutki’s most memorable Diwali. Suman reprimands Rishita for needing to burn through large chunk of change on Diwali’s festival. She concurs with Gautam’s thought. Shweta disagrees with Gautam’s arrangement and says that they ought to observe Diwali fabulously. She serves the Pandyas kheer, however they all won’t have it. Shweta inquires as to whether they could do without to have Kheer.

Suman says that they would rather not weak once more, as on the day after her birthday Shweta expresses that there’s just a single method for winning their trust. She drinks all the kheer and blacks out. Suman says that Shweta blended poison in the kheer while Rishita says that she blended resting tablets to execute the burglary plan which had bombed recently. Shweta awakens and says that she professed to black out to really take a look at Suman’s response. She tells Suman that she blended nothing in the kheer. Suman says that crushed trust can’t be acquired spirit.

Shweta asks how she might win back their trust. Suman overlooks Shweta and requests that the family have food. Shweta takes a blade and claims to cut her nerves. She trusts that somebody will stop her. Dhara discards the blade and chastens Shweta. Afterward, Shweta considers persuading Dhara some way or another to get Chiku’s cash to initiate her arrangement. She tells Dhara that she needs to make Chiku’s most memorable Diwali exceptional by taking cash from Chiku’s asset. Rishita shows up there and hears this. Dhara won’t spend Chiku’s cash on Diwali festivity.

Precap: Shweta misdirects Raavi to conceal the issues connected with Arnab from Shiva to deteriorate their battle. To make a misconception among Dhara and Rishita, Shweta tells Dhara that she and Gautam and Dhara did a good job for choosing to set aside cash by observing Diwali just to send Raavi and Shiva to Goa. Rishita hears this and contends with Dhara.

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