Pandya Store 14th May 2022 Written Update:

Pandya Store 14th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Dhara addressing Kamini why she’s eliminating the lit of offering when she took care of it. Kamini says that perhaps somebody eliminated it. Dhara gives Rishita the jewelry and Suman gives Dev the wristband. Rishita needs to see the jewelry. Kamini mediates and expresses Rishita to put it in the puja. Rishita gestures yes. Suman murmurs to Dhara to converse with Dev and Rishita about getting back. They all get going in the puja.

Kamini attempts to take the neckband box, however stops on seeing Raavi watching her. Janardan signs his man. He gestures and leaves. Kamini sees that all have their eyes shut. She takes the neckband from the adornments box and conceals it under her saree pallu. Janardan shares with Gautam that as the puja was finished, they can go to the parlor and figure out their distinction. Gautam delays. However, Janardan demands him to come.

Janardan acquaints Gautam with certain individuals. He gives Gautam spiked drinks and Gautam drinks it. He says that it’s delicious. Janardan gives him another class. Other hand all are occupied in puja’s aarti. Here Janardan powers Gautam to drink more spiked juice. Rishta and Dev take Dhara’s approval. Dhara ponders where Gautam is and sends Shiva to track down him. Dhara expresses Rishita to taste the contribution first and feeds her. Suman gets down on Dhara.

Gautam gets inebriated. He jabbers that he will take Dev back home. Suman tells Dhara to converse with Rishita about returning to Pandya house. Rishita begins having the retching feeling. She requests that Dhara come clean. She says that Dhara blended cardomon in the contribution notwithstanding of knowing she’s hypersensitive to it. Kamini says to release it and hydrates.

Rishita says that Dhara demonstrated again that Dhara is desirous of her kid. Dhara inquires as to whether Rishita is crazy, she told before that she could do without cardomon. She inquires as to whether she feels that she did deliberately. Dev says to release it this now, they can talk later. Dhara recalls Kamini eliminating the lit and tells Rishita to address Kamini, who was sitting close to the contribution. She says that Kamini might have done this to make her terrible before Rishita. Kamini says that Dhara is attempting to blame when she is gotten.

Dhara says that she isn’t blaming Kamini, however it saying that is conceivable. Dhara says that she didn’t make it happen, she has carried her mom’s neckband to gift her. Kriti drops her telephone accidentally over the gems box and the crate gets open. Dhara gets stunned finding the container purging. Kamini says that Dhara gave void box to affront Rishita. Suman says that she told her to not give her mom’s last trinket to Rishita, presently track down it. She says that saw it.

Dhara says that the jewelry was in the container when she gave it to Rishita. Suman says that she saw the jewelry. Dhara look through the jewelry. Dev asks what’s going on here. Kamini asks Dhara what’s the need to show by giving the vacant box when she would rather not give Rishita the jewelry. Dhara shares with not put oil in the fire. She says that the neckband was in the crate. Rishita yells to stop.

Dhara cries and says that she’s platitude reality, the neckband was in this case, it was her mom’s last keepsake. She says that everytime she feels that the family will join together however.. Dev yells stop it and says that the puja they have coordinated for their kid got ruined and asks what else Dhara need. Dhara says that her endeavors to join family fizzled and cry.

Shiva tracks down Gautam. The last option says that he needs to take Dev back home and needs to discuss it to Dev. Shiva inquires as to whether he is tipsy. He gives him water. Dhara communicates her misery of neglecting to keep the family joined together. Janardan comes to Gautam and says to do his theatrics in his home. Shiva quiets down. He telephones to the driver. Gautam leaves from that point. Dhara says that she needs to really look at the CCTV film of this room. She lets Rishita know that she truly carried the neckband to give her and she needs it now at any expense.

Precap: Pandyas get stunned on seeing their shop consuming. Gautam yells that their shop is their father’s fantasy. Shiva holds Gautam. They all glance at the shop stunned.

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