Anupama 14th May 2022 Written Update:

Anupama 14th May 2022 Written Update on

In the present episode; Devika shares with Anupama that last option has a first right to apply turmeric to Anuj. Malvika and Anuj sides Devika. Anuj tells Anupama that she has a right and she ought to show it. Anupama checks Kanta out. Kanta asks anupama to let it all out. Hasmuk also requests that Anupama apply haldi to Anuj. Anupama appeals to God and rises up to apply haldi to Anuj. Samar stops Anupama. He requests to play music. Shah’s dance alongside Anupama and Anuj prior to beginning the capacity. Anuj kneels on knees and Anupama applies haldi to him. Leela and Vanraj sit goaded.

Aside from Leela and Vanraj, everybody applies haldi to Anuj. Anuj takes haldi bowl to Hasmuk. Hasmuk and GK also applies haldi to him. Anuj further requests that Kanta apply him. Anuj tells now it is Anupama’s move. Malvika says Anuj needs a reason to go nearer to Anupama. Leela inquire as to whether she don’t have a disgrace expressing such things before senior. Mavlika calls Leela youthful. Leela gets cheerful. Anuj read a verse for Anupama. Everybody gets sad hearing him. Anuj calls Anupama ‘Anapurna’. He flags Pakhi and Samar. Pakhi, Samar and Paritosh brings a covered plate. Hasmuk makes sense of the meaning of ‘Anapurna’. Paritosh and Samar concurs kids generally stay away from food made by a mother and runs behind protein shake. Anuj divulges a plate loaded with flavors. Anupama reviews her previous when Vanraj. She overlap her hand before Anuj. Anuj alongside Shah family collapsed hand before Anupama.

Anupama gets sad. Anuj applies haldi to Anupama. Anupama gets stricken. Anuj utilizes every one of the flavors alongside haldi to make the service exceptional for Anupama. Leela insults Anupama. Malvika gives a befitted answer to Anuj. Anuj requests that Anupama continue on abandoning her past with new recollections. Anupama look at Leela and Vanraj.

Anuj brings up an issue why a housewives or a mother is generally found in a kitchen. He says a ladies ought to be offered a one day a reprieve from the kitchen. Anuj says this thought ought to be practice as a mother needs an occasion as well. Anuj guarantee Anupama that she won’t ever be found in the kitchen generally. He adds he also will cook for her post wedding.

Precap: Anupama expresses gratitude toward her predetermination for sending Anuj in her life. Kanta insults Leela and Vanraj for not gift Anupama.

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