Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update:

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update on

Hariprasad tells Dev that his girl won’t work here. Dev tells them he can ready to comprehend anything occurred here is off-base. He gazes Kanika and signals her to apologize to them. Kanika apologize to them for the wellbeing of Dev and leaves irately. Kanika’s better half apologize to them sake of her. Dev requests that they accompany them. Dev offers to Hariprasad they shouldn’t have acted like that to them. He can comprehend he could do without that.

However, it’s reality his organization has specific principles everybody ought to regard each and everybody working here. As a matter of fact he is dealing with his staffs like his relatives. Hariprasad asks him for what reason did he saying ‘sorry’ to him for their errors? He is leaving his little girl here confiding in him. He tells Dev that Vidhi working in office interestingly so she might do a few missteps however she can learn everything pronto on the off chance that they train her what to do?

Dev lets him know it’s his office and proprietor of this organization. He guarantees him that his little girl will be protected here and assume her liability. Hariprasad is more youthful then him so he can grasp him. He is sending his girl out to develop her certainty level. He is giving the privileges to admonish her assuming that she do any slip-ups.

Dev guarantees him that he will deal with it. Most certainly he will express gratitude toward him later. Hariprasad going to leave however Dev stops him and says that he failed to remember desserts. Hariprasad gives desserts to him and his office staffs. Kanika shares with Yogesh that Vidhi offended her before staffs.

Yogesh tells her lets handle her quietly. Kanika offers to him that she is getting an energy that she will end up being a migraine to them in future. Yogesh shares with her we could deal with her quietly so pause and watch. In the mean time Dev requests that Vidhi show her authentications. She shows her school endorsements to him. He requests that she show her graduation endorsements.

Vidhi lets him know that she was unable to think of her test well since she fails to remember everything when she sits on test corridor. Dev tells her it’s office so nothing to stress over anything. Rishab tells his partner she is acting like youngster. Vidhi offers to Dev that she used to ascertain the records in home. She is great at maths. He requests that Rishab consider area and contact her beginning and end.

Rishab shows Vidhi’s work area to her. Vidhi offers to him that she doesn’t be aware to utilize PC. They taunts at her for it. Vidhi lets him know that she will do it in register. Rishab tells her that they will oversee it she just want to send the rundown to him. Vidhi sits in her place and places her god’s image there.

Yogesh and Kanika comes there to get everybody consideration. Yogesh requests that staffs invite new staff. They applauds her to invite her. Kanika gives paste to Rishab. He puts it on her seat. Vidhi sits on seat and begin her work. Dev comes there to examine about new gathering to all.

Vidhi attempts to get up yet she proved unable. Kanika tells Vidhi that she could regard Dev here. For what reason did she sitting on seat without giving admiration to him. It’s a fundamental habits to get up when proprietor comes there. Vidhi offers to him that she can’t ready to get up. Staffs individuals are ridiculing her. Dev gives hand to her to get to from that point. He pulls her forcely her dress torn.

Vidhi begins crying there. Dev calls Indra there to help her. Vidhi tells Indra that she can’t ready to work here. Indra inspires her to work here then no one but she can ready to fabricate het certainty. In the mean time yogesh and Kanika are inciting Dev against Vidhi. Rishab and his associates feels regretful seeing Vidhi there. Kanika requests Vidhi to consent to in the arrangement she gets stunned to see the compensation referenced in it.

Precap; Dev will request that Vidhi copy the lawful arrangements to her. Vidhi will begin duplicating it. Rishab will turns on the fan to wreck her documents papers. Dev will rush her up to give the documents. Vidhi will give it to him however he ask her whom will duplicate the lawful arrangements in red tone?

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