Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 4th August 2022 Written Episode Update:

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 4th August 2022 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Bimla requests that Vidhi prepare pronto to participate in her work. Hariprasad shares with them he has one condition for it. Vidhi will go to that office just for one month thinking they will get to be aware in this one month Whether this work reasonable to their family or not? Bimla shares with him she is consent to this. Hariprasad leaves from that point.

Vidhi asks her mother she doesn’t have any idea what work they will provide for her in office? Bimla tells her quit pondering everything. They will give occupation to her as per her ability. In the mean time Dev sees one kid gazing a family eating frozen yogurt. He has sympathy for that kid and purchase a frozen yogurt for him.

Bimla and Seema are assisting Vidhi with preparing. Vidhi petitions god. Neighbor comes there and gives desserts to them. Bimla sees her better half spruced up well. He shares with Bimla it’s a significant day in his little girl life. Our goddess going out to work so he want to ensure how might she function there? Their family members comes there driving Hariprasad crazy. They values Vidhi for participating in work. Hariprasad admonishes Bimla for seeing his family members conversing with Vidhi.

Doesn’t he allowed to them to implore God yet not to jab their head in his family matters. Family members tells him that she can ready to comprehend he is irate on her she won’t ever conflict with his words generally. After they leaves Bimla takes care of desserts to Hariprasad to adjust his perspective. Neighbor gives desserts to Urmila and her significant other and uncovers to them Vidhi going to participate in Raichand organization. He gets stunned to hear it.

Urmila is occupied in conversing with somebody in telephone. She didn’t hear it appropriately. She misconstrues that neighbor little girl going to participate in work that is the reason he gave desserts to them. Her significant other tells her it’s not his girl but rather Vidhi whom going to participate in Raichand organization. Urmila gets stunned to hear it.

In the mean time Hariprasad takes Vidhi and Seema to shelter. Vidhi gets terrified seeing canine there. She argues security to remove this Rocky. Vidhi apologize to Rocky yet it’s bark consequently making her terrified. Later Hariprasad illuminates to Orphanage director that Vidhi found a new line of work. It’s a significant day for her. Director requests that he give all credits to his girl.

She offers to him that another individual is there to adore this children the manner in which Vidhi cherishing. She shows the adornments to him. He enquires her about him yet she lets him know that he rigorously asks her to don’t uncover his name to anybody there. Indeed, even children to share this make a difference to Vidhi. Vidhi enquires them whose that uncle helping them? They offers to her they don’t have the foggiest idea about his name. Vidhi offers to them that she adores them more.

Hariprasad takes Vidhi to Raichand organization. Security don’t permit them inside thinking she want to show joining letter to head inside. Hariprasad offers to them that Dev came to their home to extend to this employment opportunity to her. They ridicules them hearing it. Vidhi takes Indra’s assistance to head inside. Office staffs ridicules them after saw Hariprasad went with her to work.

They imagines like welcomes them when Hariprasad notice them. Hariprasad shares with her that all are benevolent here. He gets shock to see the inside work. Vidhi erroneously pushes the bloom container down. Everybody considerations turns towards them. Kanika questions Vidhi how challenge she to come here? Doesn’t she wouldn’t work here. Why did she came here? She attacks them and requests security to toss them out. Dev comes there and chides Kanika it’s not the method for treating them in office. He was sorry to them sake of Kanika.

Precap; Dev will illuminate to Hariprasad it’s his office he is proprietor of Raichand organization. He will give confirmation to him that he will deal with his girl and answerable for her security. Vidhi will participate in work. Kanika and her better half will choose to throw her out quickly. Dev will request that the staffs assemble there however Vidhi is trapped in seat. Dev will assist her with getting up however her dress torn.

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