Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 2nd August 2022 Written Episode Update:

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 2nd August 2022 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Dev tracks down Amba’s letter from his bed. He begins understanding it. Which saying her adoration for him. She included it she vowed to herself 15 years before that won’t tie her hair till she get hitched to him. Today she came to his room soon she will go into his life as well. In the interim Nima prepares to go out. Her companion visits them and gives gift to Vidhi and Seema. She tells her that her child sent cash to her she want to utilize that to wander out with Nima after that they will go to Satsang together. Nima wonder whether or not to acknowledge those gifts however she persuades her. She asks Vidhi Is her room slick and clean or she gave it to another person? Vidhi tells her it’s perfect and consistently accessible for her. She gives desserts box to Nima and heads inside.

In the mean time Ria gives cooking related book to Abhimanyu and she takes one more magazine to peruse. She asks workers Is her better half cooked anything unique today? He denies it. Their girl comes there and shows family attracting to him. Ria ridicules at her significant other subsequent to seeing Sibi portrayed him like a cook. She requests that her girl lie with her companions about her father’s occupation.Seema tells Nima that Mini aunt used to gift them generally when will they return gift to her. Vidhi shares with them we should stroll to school this month then they can save their spending plan and gifts something to her. Nima values her thought. In the mean time Ria is offending Abhimanyu in feasting table. Dev requests that they stop it. Dev says to kid somebody didn’t embraced him. She embraces him in joy.

Dev requests that she hear the tune and chastens Ria and Abhimanyu for talking like this before kid. They shouldn’t act like this before kid. Abhimanyu won’t take food and leaves. Dev takes his child outside without eating anything. Ria says that food tasting great. Sathyavath grumblings that her significant other left without eating everything except she is eating here.

Ria grievances that she forfeited manything for this family not in this. Later Vidhi lost the way school year kickoff. She sees Dev having breakfast with his sibling’s little girl. Vidhi feels that he may came here to enjoy reprieve quick with his little girl. She reminds him helping her and thinks he is a generally excellent individual that is the reason he upheld her.

Dev sees Vidhi shaking her hand to him. He asks the youngster Is she know her? She deny it. Vidhi composes Thank you in umbrella and shows it to him. Security requests that she leave from that point. She tells him that she want to say thanks to Dev sir that is all there is to it. She apologize to him and leaves figuring she shouldn’t have upset his family time. She again gets confounded contemplating Path. She sees her mother there. She follows her behind.

Nima offers to her companions about the coalition came for Vidhi and propositions for employment. Nima has a pleased hearing outlook on it. Small scale asks her when did she going to work? Nima tells her that Hariprasad deny it. She asks her for what valid reason didn’t she make him get it? She shares with him on the off chance that he can comprehend her well then she could never have worked here deceiving them going to Sathsang. Vidhi gets shock to hear it.

In the mean time Dev conversing with a client. Her gets a bouquet from Amba. He conceals the letter from his associates. later Vidhi shares with her mother father will blow up on her on the off chance that father got her. She tells her she will go to work. Mother prompts her he will lash out on her. She guarantees her that she will persuade him. Dev gets aggravate perusing Amba’s letter.

The episode begins with Dev scopes to Vidhi’s home and notification sanctuary there. He takes off his shoe to enter inside. He hears groom family addressing Vidhi Is she know to cook? Vidhi gestures with her. She requests that she advise how to cook it? Vidhi stammers to respond to her.

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