Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 1st August 2022 Written Episode Update:

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 1st August 2022 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Dev compasses to Vidhi’s home and notification sanctuary there. He takes off his shoe to enter inside. He hears groom family addressing Vidhi Is she know to cook? Vidhi gestures with her. She requests that she advise how to cook it? Vidhi stammers to respond to her.

Man of the hour’s mother shares with Vidhi that she doesn’t be aware to accomplish any family work it appears. She hears many great contemplates her external that is the reason they carries this union to her yet they affirmed that they deceived them. She is clueless nobody will set out to wed their little girl. Dev comes there and carries back the cash to her. Dev offers to prepare family that Vidhi had his 40lakhs worth ring.

However she came to his office to bring it back. He commends her trustworthiness there. Man of the hour’s mother shares with them that Vidhi is worthless she isn’t have the right to anybody little girl in regulation. She requests Dev to leave from that point. Dev leaves yet alters his perspective later. Doesn’t they know rich individual why didn’t they get their little girl wedded to him as opposed to looking for a working class.

Dev returns there and offers to them he was unable to answer them appropriately that is the reason he returned to respond to them. It’s inappropriate to offending Vidhi’s family like this in their home. In this universe there is a typical reality nobody is 100 percent great.

Everybody is absence of something. On the off chance that she ask him he is prepared to demonstrate her child is absence of 5 things in any event. Dev tells them she is a particularly genuine young lady they are karma to get her as their little girl in regulation. Doesn’t they discussed monetary status? He is extending employment opportunity to her. What’s her child pay he taxi ready to pay twofold then him to her. Urmila gets stunned hearing it. He shares with her they can’t conclude anybody life thinking about their cooking information. They leaves from that point.

Nima express gratitude toward Dev for represent her little girl. Nima shares his sorrow to him. Dev express gratitude toward him sincerely. He adds that there is less individuals in this world reasoning like him. He is so honored to see him visited his home he say thanks to him. He says that God will favor him. He can carry his better half here to take god favoring from here.

She is truly strong god. Hariprasad apologize to him first for dismissed his deal. He says that Vidhi could work in his office? Dev asking him Is he dismissing his proposition? Hariprasad tells him he don’t have to take it in like that. Their family is customary one. Their family young ladies will not go out to work. Dev shares with him it’s about time they could change their considerations and send their little girl out ti make her own name. He focuses the clock there. Time isn’t stuck one spot it’s keeps go from that point.

He gives cash to Vidhi and tells her entryway for her generally open in his office. She shouldn’t permit anybody to prod her like this once more. He actually needs a genuine individual like her in his office. He prompts her and leaves from that point. Nima returns the cash to Urmila. Later Seema shares with Nima that she is so cheerful in light of the fact that Vidhi got away from that groom family. Nima sees Vidhi crying and control center her. Vidhi feels awful for whatever happened today. She says that they offended them due to her.

Hariprasad exhorts her and leaves. Nima tells her that she can ready to accomplish anything they don’t have freedoms to affront her she can ready to do nothing. She encourages her to quit peering down on her first. It’s anything but a decent partnership for her Dev saved her from this coalition today. Later Dev figures out a letter from his bed from Amba.

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