Molkki 20th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode starts with Anjali illuminates Yogi that in her town new school going to open on her dad’s name so they ought to go for introduction to help her dad. He consents to go with her. She asks him that what Satyam will do alone. Satyam lets them know that he is fine and gets some information about him and he won’t attempt to end it all once more.

Yogi requests that he go with them saying that, that is his town as well and he can meet his folks there. Satyam says that he can’t meet his folks now. Anjali and Yogi leaves for Anjali’s town. Satyam lets himself know that he is glad that he disposed of them for two days. He gets glad discovering that his confirmation got affirmed in Canada. He says that he simply needs cash now.

Then again, Surgeon chastens Nurse for her recklessness. He gives pastor’s document to her and requests that she obliterate it. He requests that she get customer subtleties from PC. Virendra masks himself as wardboy and cleans that specialist’s lodge.

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In the mean time, Satyam drinks liquor. He gets frightened when things began rolling. He understands that Renu returned. He says that he requested pardoning and he even attempted to pass on however Yogi saved him. He asks her that for what good reason she is behind his life and requests that she stop it. He says that he is prepared to do anything she desires to him to do and asks that what he needs to do. Purvi masks herself as Renu and comes before him. He runs from that point and hits his head on the table and blacks out. She leaves from that point.

Virendra sees his cover subtleties. Specialist enters the lodge and gets stunned seeing Virendra there. Virendra lets him know that Satyam killed Renu wearing the cover ready by the last option. Specialist illuminates that Prakashi requested that he set it up. Virendra requests that he admit it in the court and takes him from that point.

Afterward, Satyam requests that Prakashi give cash to him. She asks him that for what valid reason he is in hustle. He tells her that his life at serious risk. She shows an unfilled box to him. She advises him that she requested that he kill Purvi. She advises him to bring Purvi’s head and take cash from her. He vows to kill Purvi and requests that she organize cash. He takes the crate and leaves the clinic.

Satyam enters the royal residence and says that he will not spare a moment to kill for cash. Lights goes off. Purvi camouflages herself as Renu and alarms Satyam. She asks him that for what good reason he killed her. She reviews that how she intended to utilize voice change application to terrify Satyam. He says that he thoroughly took care of cash and she ought to have left for Dubai. She lets him know that she cherished him.

He says that he wedded her for cash and requests that she inconvenience Prakashi as well. He admits about his and Prakashi’s bad behaviors. He requests that she trust him and excuse him. She says that she won’t leave him.

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