Molkki 19th January 2022 Written Update:

Satyam gets a message that the mass admission of Canada has deferred for a year. It implies I should bear these individuals for the whole time! Prakashi Devi will be a cerebral pain. Virender comes there in the camouflage of a Fakir. Satyam requests that he clear out. Virender says you are the one she is searching for.

She has her eyes on everybody. She will doubtlessly return! Satyam requests that the watchman take him out. Virender says will you move me very much as you did to her. He sends the gatekeeper away. Satyam asks what he implies. Virender says I saw it with my eyes. A passing and red lemon! Satyam asks him how he knows this.

Virender answers that he knows it all aside from her name. Spirits don’t have a name. She will deliver retribution for what you have done! She will come on the full moon night. That will be your the previous evening. I can see a horrendous passing. Satyam bobbles. It is only 2 days away. I will do as I saw. Stop her please. Virender requests that he swear in her name. Satyam glances around with collapsed hands. No doubt about it. I will do as you say.

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Virender says she answered. Eat 21 green chillies and drink 21 glasses of water. Plunge steps multiple times. This will be enough for now. Tomorrow I will listen for a minute you ought to do tomorrow. Satyam consents to make it happen. She will leave me, isn’t that so? Virender says you really want to go to her to observe that out. Your work is to do humility. The soul will wrap up Virender leaves.

Satyam eats green bean stew while Yogi eats his food. Satyam begins hacking. Yogi asks him what he is doing. For what reason would you say you are eating chillies? Anjali keeps every one of the chillies in Satyam’s plate. Eat them all. Trust your sickness is controlled and you don’t need to go to Canada all things considered.

Satyam drinks water as trained and asks for absolution from Renu. He feels pukish however controls himself. He asks for absolution as he does the following discipline. Anjali and Yogi look on. Anjali says he is in a condition of shock after Renu Didi’s passing. We should accomplish something.

Satyam comes to his room. A note is composed on the mirror – for what reason did you do this to me? The entryways open unexpectedly. There is another note – I confided in you more than myself. He freezes. The sound of ghungroos can be heard once more.

There is one more note under Renu’s photograph – I just adored you. The words torment him. Another note shows up on the floor – you should accompany me! He takes out Renu’s dupatta and runs higher up. It is smarter to kick the bucket in one go than die in some horrible, nightmarish way a sluggish, serene demise consistently. This is what you need, correct? You can deliver your retribution.

He makes a noose of the dupatta and drapes it on the shade. You have won, Renu! You needed vengeance. Presently your and mine spirit will be in harmony. He puts the noose around his neck. Yogi and Anjali come to porch all of a sudden. They pull open the entryway when they think that it is locked and save Satyam.

Satyam asks them for what good reason they saved him. You ought to have allowed me to bite the dust. Yogi lets him know that it is silly to end it all. I planned to do exactly the same things few days prior yet I understood it is trivial. You should ponder your folks. Satyam lets him know that he is worn out. She can’t tolerate seeing me cheerful! Yogi asks him who is alluding to.

Satyam stays calm. How might I let them know that I would rather not live with them any longer? I want to be given leeway in March as I can’t lie any longer. I’m burnt out on this. I will go off the deep end assuming that I need to keep lying. He heads to his room. Yogi tells Anjali they should take care of Satyam. She gestures.

Virender is standing by tensely for Purvi. She said she will be home quickly yet it is 3 hours! Police is after us as well. He hears a declaration from Inspector to come out. We realize that you are inside. Virender opens the entryway and is astounded to see Juhi and Purvi. Juhi embraces Virender. He inquires as to whether it wasn’t police.

Purvi utilizes an application to change her voice. She shows it to Virender. He requests that they come inside. For what reason did you bring her here? It is perilous. Purvi answers that Juhi was being difficult that she needs to meet you so I brought her here. Virender gets some information about Manas. Juhi shares that he has lost it totally.

He continues saying that he saw you pushing Renu Bua. He is lying for no great explanation. I’m your ally so I let him know that my Baba can never harmed anybody. They hear a chime. Purvi sends her outside to eat frozen yogurt. Purvi tells Virender not to stress. Manas is a child. He will comprehend assuming we will disclose to him. Virender shakes his head. We as a whole saw the recording obviously. He is right on the money. He is trying to say what he saw.

Purvi understands that Satyam may be utilizing his veil that day as well. Virender asks her what she implies. Purvi shares that Satyam came to her room with his veil on one evening. I realize him well so I dint get bulldozed. Perhaps he did it that evening as well. Virender ponders who can do this. He considers few moments and understands that Prakashi is in on it as well. Purvi asks him how he makes certain with regards to it.

Flashback shows Prakashi and Virender meeting an associate who is a specialist. He clarifies about the veil and how one can even resemble a legend or courageous woman. Prakashi is excited with the thought. I can deny a bank while wearing the veil of somebody who I disdain! They all snicker at the thought. Flashback closes.

Virender thinks about what Ma will acquire out of it. Purvi advises him that he had tossed Prakashi out of the haveli. She should deliver retribution from us. Virender is certain Ma can’t do this. It should be Satyam as it were. However, i can’t help thinking about why he did this. Purvi reviews Hirabai visiting haveli when Renu had passed on.

Satyam was apprehensive when he saw her at haveli. It implies that he just made an arrangement with Hirabai. Virender vapor. I wont spare him. I will kill him! She advises him to control himself. He will be rebuffed by law and God. Presently we should terrify him enough so he concedes his bad behaviors himself. We should effectively ensure he is separated from everyone else! Virender gestures.

Precap :Virender is dressed as a ward kid and tracks down his photograph in the PC of the specialist. Prakashi reminds Satyam that he should kill Molkki. Satyam gets back home and observes a woman remaining in the haveli. She is wearing Renu’s dress and her face is covered with the dupatta.

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