Molkki 17th January 2022 Written Update:

Satyam tells Virender it was he who has pushed Renu! Virender holds his by his neck. How could you hurt my sister? Satyam advises him to contemplate his better half. She is as yet living me with me under a similar rooftop at the present time. Hold your indignation in line assuming you need her to be protected.

Consider the possibility that she tumbles from the patio like Renu. Virender says I committed an enormous error by getting you hitched to my sister. He pulls Satyam’s head towards the bars and hits him. Police intercedes. Satyam fakes it. He killed his sister and presently he is attempting to kill me as well! Virender shouts at him.

Constable advises Virender to give up. One case is now continuing and another case will be held up along these lines. Virender cautions Satyam as constables figure out how to free him. Allow me to leave. I will then, at that point, show you who you have screwed with! Satyam leaves. Virender cautions Satyam not to hurt Bawri. He becomes stressed for Purvi. she isn’t protected with this modest man in that haveli. I should caution her some way or another. I need to guard Bawri and my children.

Purvi comes to Anjali’s room. I will show you evidence that Satyam has taken the adornments and sold it as of now. She feels that Anjali may be in kitchen and is going out when she sees her report.

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She understands it. It implies Bhabhi think I have gone off the deep end. She even met a doc despite my good faith. Presently I will be given these meds subtly. Most likely they will be blended in my food. She really looks at the subtleties of the doc. He is the person who made Satyam’s phony report. She understands that this is all Satyam’s doing.

He needs to demonstrate it that I am insane. I wont take this medication at any expense. Somebody shuts the entryway from outside. She requests to open it however to no end. Virender steps in from the window and calls out to her. She asks him how he is here. What befell you? He tells her that he requested that the workers lock the entryway. I don’t need you to get out of this room. She asks him how he escaped prison.

Flashback shows Virender giving his ring worth 50k to his fellow prisoner. Sell it once you leave. He lets him know an arrangement. I’m drinking your tea. You can begin the show now. His fellow prisoner challenges Virender.

You should be Mukhi however how could you drink my tea! The two of them begin hitting one another and contend uproariously. Controller hears the uproar and the cell is opened. Virender’s fellow prisoner holds the Inspector. Mukhi figures out how to escape. Flashback closes.

Virender tells Purvi they should leave for a protected spot as Satyam is the person who had pushed Renu from porch. You were correct with regards to him. Purvi asks him how he knows this. Virender shares that he came to meet him in police headquarters and told me everything. Purvi goes with him.

Constable gives a telephone to Prakashi subtly in her ward. Latr, Nurse comes to give medication to her. Don’t have the foggiest idea how you are bearing this aggravation. You ought to have this medication to relieve your torment. She leaves.

Prakashi says I will find a sense of contentment solely after killing that Molkki! She doesn’t have the foggiest idea who she had meddled with this time! Indeed, even Yamraj shows homage me. No matter what, I wont kick the bucket prior to killing her. I really want somebody who can accomplish this work for me. I should look for somebody who can kill that Molkki upon my suspiciously.

She gets a call all of a sudden. It is a goldsmith. He tells Prakashi that Satyam came to sell Renu ji’s gems. I neglected to take his PAN number in a rush. Would you be able to request that he impart it to me? She concurs and closes the call. Prakashi chooses to involve him as her pawn.

Virender carries Purvi to a house. It is all messy and has spider webs. It seems like this has been shut since quite a while. Nobody will actually want to think that we are here. Purvi inquires as to whether they are doing anything wrong. I figure you should give up yourself to police by and by. Trust me, I will demonstrate you guiltless and bring you home once more.

Trust you don’t fall in one more issue by doing this. He asks her what other possibility he has. I need to demonstrate my blamelessness and shield you from that man! I can’t do that while I am secured a cell! Purvi reasons that it is difficult. He is a modest and tricky man. He has tricked everybody by faking that he is at death’s door. He even exchanged his reports when I was going to uncover him before everybody.

He resembles a chameleon. He has even sold Renu Didi’s adornments. He has demonstrated it to Anjali Bhabhi and Yogi Bhaiya that I am not intellectually steady. Virender feels terrible that his family is in this wreck as a result of him. I can’t help thinking about why I got him hitched to a person like him. Anjali had told me everything yet I dint pay regard to her. purvi reasons that everybody is to blame here. Renu Didi trusted and cherished him aimlessly.

He used to deal with her seriously. She had left massage parlor at this point he used to request that she sing and move for him. Virender is stunned. Purvi lets him know it is valid. Don’t have the foggiest idea what all she has experienced in light of her affection for him. He asks her what else she has looked into him. Purvi says not a lot. I was informed that he fears phantoms. Leave this alone.

Virender tells her it is very helpful data. We should purchase Renu’s gems once more. She asks him how he will do that. You will be gotten in the event that you go to prison. He advises her that he doesn’t need to go to bank. I helped Yogi around then. The time has come to request that cash.

Constable tells Prakashi that Satyam should leave before Sir comes on round. Prakashi gestures. Satyam asks Prakashi for what reason she has called him here. She says I needed to ask you how you are doing. You should be glad as Renu is out of your life. There is no falsehood, no impulse and no phony relations in your day to day existence any longer. He fakes honesty yet she lets him know that she knows it all.

You sold Renu’s gems after her passing and have 27 lacs in your pocket. Try not to feel that I know nothing since I am here. I can wind your neck however i see fit. He informs her concerning the video wherein Virender is seen pushing Renu off the porch. Prakashi says you don’t have the foggiest idea who you are managing. I’m Prakashi. I can call police in a moment. I was not too far off when Virender was pushing Renu.

I’m a live observer. I realize it wasn’t Virender however you! I’m the one you gave you that cover. Would it be advisable for me to call police and come clean with them? Satyam denies. I will do whatever you say. Prakashi says you are currently saying the best thing. There is just something single that you really want to do – kill Molkki!

Yogi reminds Anjali that Purvi’s state of mind isn’t great. Doc said that everybody is in peril in light of her circumstance. We should go to police and let them know that she has fled. Anjali gets a call and is stunned. Yogi asks her what its identity was. Anjali says it is police. Jeth ji fled from prison! Yogi is bewildered. What continues here?

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