Mithai Written Update 21st September 2022:

Mithai Written Update 21st September 2022 on

Episode begins with Geetika turning on the camera to take a video however she keeps her portable on the table jar hearing a thumping sound. Pramod and Shubham enter inside. Geetika goes to bring tea. Shubham shares with Pramod trusts our theatrics will not get uncovered.

Pramod says we will not get uncovered as Sid loses his memory and he will cause us to go into the house as he have little to no faith in Mithai. They are uninformed that their discussion is getting recorded. Geetika gives them tea. Mithai advises Sid that she needs to let him know something.

Sid shows Mithai chart of how HM desserts lost their half offer on the lookout and your business is expanded this time and you might get sufficient cash to deliver your dad’s shop why you’re pausing? Return our shop to us and go to your Father’s shop. Mithai inquires as to why he is talking along these lines. She came to impart to him that her fantasy is got satisfied as she got papers and the way in to her father’s shop.

Sid requests that she stop her flatters. He asks what is your intention, you need HM desserts that is the reason you made Shubham out of this house. since you realize Dadu aimlessly believes you, you are the explanation my sibling is out, presently you will likewise be out and he takes her. Dadu stops him and gets out whatever is the matter with you. According to sid, attempt to see reality, Mithai arranged an assault against me not Shubham and Pramod.

Girish says Pramod made it happen. Sid says no and she doesn’t have evidence except for I have confirmation. He shows them a chart report of the two shops and denounces her. He cautions others to not stop him and he tosses her out. Geetika holds her. Relatives ask Sid for what good reason mightn’t he at any point comprehend that Mithai is his better half. Geetika brings Mithai inside. Sid is going to toss her once more.

Geetika stops him and lets Sid know that she came to uncover reality to him and Pramod and Shubham are utilizing your state. She shows him the video recorded on her telephone. Everybody gets stunned. Abha says Pramod is utilizing Sid’s state. Hari Mohan requests that Sid apologize to Mithai. Sid is going to apologize however he feels torment in his mind. Mithai requests that others not cause him to feel tense.

Sid lets Mithai know that he really wants some space and goes to his room. Girish and his family go to Pramod’s home. Girish says we remembered to excuse you folks assuming that you change yet there is no expectation and from here onwards there is no connection between us. Abhishek cautions Shubham and Pramod to not induce Sid against Mithai once more.

Mithai goes to Sid’s room with food. Sid says I will eat later. Mithai requests that he take tablets in the wake of eating food. Sid asks how might she go about as though nothing occurred. Mithai says I simply need your bliss and I will not compress you to recall the past. She attempts to take care of him. He says I will eat. Mithai is going to leave. Sid stops her. Pramod makes Shubham drink liquor and impels him against Mithai and his loved ones.

Shubham says tomorrow I will toss everybody out by making everything on my name. He consumes a family photograph. Pramod sneers. Sid apologizes to Mithai and tells her that he can’t acknowledge her as his significant other as he isn’t recollecting her. Mithai says I won’t drive you. Sid says leave some place for certain days as I’m feeling remorseful seeing you so remain away as I don’t have any idea how I will respond on the off chance that you stay close to me. Mithai says I will disappear for your bliss. She loads her baggage in tears reviewing her minutes with Sid.

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