Mithai 23rd April 2022 Written Update:

Mithai 23rd April 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Mithai saying thanks to Keerthi for the splash. Keerthi says it’s given by Sid and you need to express because of him. Indu additionally says Sid is a hero. Harimohan tells Chandrakantha about the given by Geethika. Dadi lets him know think for at some point. Harimohan says he mulled over everything and he will converse with Indu about marriage of Subham and Mithai.

Mithai goes to Sid’s room enters it and sees it Sid hasn’t arrived. Mithai sees Sid’s photograph with his mother. Sid goes into the room and yells on Mithai for going into the room without his authorization. Sid snaps the picture and advises Mithai to leave his room. Keerthi makes sense of Mithai that Sid is that way and he could do without anybody going into his room.

Harimohan converses with Indu and says he observed a decent counterpart for Mithai and you likewise know him. Indu asks what his identity is. Harimohan uncovers it is Shubham. Indu gets energized hearing this. Harimohan calls Shubham and presents him as her child in regulation. Indu discusses Mithai and says she knows how to keep the family intact and she will be great counterpart for him. Shubham requests leave and leaves them. Harimohan and Indu discuss Shubham and Mithai.

Mithai comes to them and grumblings about Sid. Harimohan says he will yell on you from now. Mithai inquires as to why. Harimohan says she will end up being the primary girl in law of the Chobe family. Mithai gets stunned hearing this and says no and says she needs to carry on with work. Indu shares with Harimohan that she is stunned finding out about marriage abruptly and she will clear up for her.

Shubham feels baffled. Pramod sees his state and asks him what occurred. Sourya illuminates Keerthy and Karishma that matter is significant as Dadu and Shubham went to Indu aunt’s room. Shubham tells Pramod that Dadu believes him should wed Mithai and I trust Dadu as he generally suspects for my best however he didn’t stand by listening to me that I need to become free and how to let him know I’m not prepared for marriage. Pramod says you’re right as well. Harimohan calls everybody to the corridor. Shubham requests that Pramod let letting him know he really wants some be time.

Harimohan lets everybody know that he chose to get Shubham hitched to Mithai. Sid believes it’s a decent choice and along these lines, Mom’s desire can be satisfied. Young people feel cheerful as well. Girish lets him know he is against this coalition. Harimohan says he is doing it for their family’s prosperity. Girish says he won’t allow this union with occur. Harimohan asks what’s going on in Mithai and you never considered Shubham as your child why you’re against it.

Girish lets h know that he won’t give her become their home girl access regulation, she went into this house and presently wanting to settle here by utilizing their previous relationship with Aarti. Harimohan stops him and tells Shubham needs an accomplice like Mithai to get joy. Girish says Mithai don’t have the status to turn into their home bahu. Sid figures he can never show signs of change. He is going to leave however sees Mithai hearing everything. Everybody checks Mithai out.

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