Mere Sai 2nd November 2022 Written Update:

Mere Sai 2nd November 2022 Written Update on

Bhumi tells Sai, she had set aside cash to gift Sai leafy foods miserable. St Nick controls himself from having apples. Sai lets Bhumi and Shiv know that life is loaded with promising and less promising times, assuming you are dealing with issues you will confront satisfaction as well and the terrible will uncovered outcomes. Banta arrives at close to St Nick and sees there are no apples, Santa Clause says he had no clue about where appled went. Banta blows up and hits St Nick, St Nick hits back.

Sai tells Shiv and Bhumi, God helps merciful and shows them the apples they purchased. Sai gives apples to Shiv and Bhumi and says this is from me and today I don’t want to eat apples. Shiv asks which organic product he might want to eat.

Sai says Mango. Shiv says in this season where will they get mangoes. Sai says you find God when you search for itself and Bhumi how is it that you could surrender easily. Bhumi says I will track down Mangoes for you.

Sai draws a rangoli. Chattopadhyay sees tree close to his home has mangoes and gets extremely energized and says I will eat every one of them.
Shiv and Bhumi see mango trees, Bhumi says Sai was correct, come lets give Sai mangoes now.

Chattopadhyay stops them, Bhumi demands him to give some yet Chattopadhyay says I have seen it first I will have them. Shiv sees honeycomb on tree and shows Bhumi. Bhumi stops Chattopadhyay, Chattopadhyay figures I can be frightened or, more than likely she will remove every one of these mangoes.

Bhumi tells Chattopadhyay not to toss stone or, more than likely he will be harmed. Chattopadhyay doesn’t tune in and tosses stone. Bhumi and Shiv save themselves. Bhumi says we need to save him from honey bee assault. Shiv lights some dry grass and saves Chattopadhyay.

Chattopadhyay gets severely beaten and yells in torment. Bhumi tells Shiv how about we bring him back home and apply oil or probably his injuries will turn out to be more agonizing. Shiv tajes Chattopadhyay home and Bhumi gets Sai’s Uddhi Lape and Shiv applies on Chattopadhyay’s injury.

Chattopadhyay feels much improved and expresses gratitude toward Bhumi and Shiv. Shiv’s dad perceives Chattopadhyay as factory boss and says you helped so many in town with work. Shiv’s dad demands Chattopadhyay to give Shiv work, Shiv says I didn’t help Chattopadhyay for anything consequently. His dad says I care for yourself thus I will attempt to search for work. Chattopadhyay says Shiv, you saved me and are extremely kind and requests that he come to factory and he will give him some work.

Shiv and Bhumi say thanks to Sai, Bhumi says you requested that we get mangoes and we know its your sorcery. Sai says I sat idle, its all a result of Shiv’s thoughtfulness, Shiv tells Sai he is frightened. Sai says its ideal to be anxious and you have Bhumi your greatest strength and work you have love and backing between one another nothing can stop you both.

Chattopadhyay in his office, Shiv and Bhumi stroll in, Chattopadhyay asks what everything work Shiv can do. Bhumi says he can do everything. Shiv fixes computation for Shiv right away. Chattopadhyay gets dazzled and commends Shiv. Bhumi says he is excellent in maths, he is extremely brilliant. Chattopadhyay says I will name him as my right hand, he will clean my office, arrange things and assist in bookkeeping and will with paying him 60₹.

Pre cap: Chattopadhyay tells Shiv, that Kulkarni is exceptionally severe and at whatever point Shiv sees Kulkarni he needs to stow away. Kulkarni strolls in Chattopadhyays office, Shiv doesn’t see him.
Sai requests that Bhumi support Shiv in his bitterness as well. Bhumi qsks what issue would we have now.

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