Mere Sai 1st November 2022 Written Update:

Mere Sai 1st November 2022 Written Update on

Sai tells the moving couple that I trust that the other couple additionally never deal with issues since they generally have been battling together. Shiv tells his significant other Bhumi he needs to give her a gift.

She says I know and I realize you don’t have cash however no concerns when you will land great position I will request part of gifts, similar to gold bangles Kalavati got. Indeed, even she met Sai for her better half, Sai gave her Udhi however she needed to provide for an evil elderly person and when she returned home she discovered that her significant other found another line of work, so correspondingly we will go meet Sai and you will gey a steady employment.

Sasubai calls her Bhumi and says finish your work and meet Sai, additionally go give your father by marriage his medication till then I will sew kurta for Shiv and I can’t see now as expected I have requested that Shiv get me specs yet he has no work. Bhumi says you don’t stress Shiv has set aside cash for your displays.

Father by marriage shares with Bhumi today is your birthday I don’t need medication today. Bhumi begins recounting another story, father by marriage swallows medication and says presently let me rest I will pay attention to your accounts later. She finds a note and string connected to it, which requests that she follow the string and emerge. She follows the string and arrives at a swing and peruses a board that says Cheerful Birthday Bhumi.

Bhumi sees manikins and is exceptionally blissful, Shiv strolls to her from behind. Bhumi tells him, you are extremely sharp you said there will not be suprise and look you made me manikin once more, and soon everybody will commend you and presently its my opportunity to astound you, here are specs for sasubai, I had saved it from house costs, Shiv sees she doesn’t have her bangles. Bhumi droops bangles aren’t significant yet Sasubai’s eyes her and tell her you got these.

Shiv gets profound, Bhumi asks him not to cry on her birthday. Shiv causes her to sit on swing, Bhumi says nobody at any point organized such gorgeous birthday surprise. Sai showers blossoms on them and favors them.

St Nick Banta inconvenience an organic product merchant, they grab organic products from him, he gives them every one of his natural products. St Nick Banta as a gift give him a penny and request that he leave. Ragini and kids see St Nick Banta. St Nick Banta find all natural products are spoiled and seller tricked them and they paid him as well. Kids giggle at them.

St Nick Banta see Shiv and Bhumi, they pursue him and sees natural products in his grasp and request them. St Nick Banta ridicule Shiv for being imbecilic and hard of hearing. Shiv takes Bhumi and leaves. St Nick Banta blow up and compromise Shiv, Shiv runs with organic product bushel however St Nick Banta get him and assault him, grab natural product crate and leave. Bhumi hurries to him and prevents him from pursuing St Nick Banta and thinks I need to occupy him and says fail to remember them and makss up a story to divert Shiv. Shiv grins paying attention to story.

St Nick Banta going to have organic product, choose to check first, Banta says I will go get blade you don’t eat up to that point. St Nick says alright. Bhumi tells Shiv gives up meet Sai. Shiv and Bhumi arrive at Dwarka Mai and meet Sai. Sai wishes Bhumi Blissful Birthday. Bhumi shares with Sai, I had chosen to meet you today.

Sai says you get me organic products on each birthday why not today. Bhumi gets miserable. Shiv signs to Sai and determines what occurred. Bhumi says Sai why are individuals so malicious, they don’t help why ridicule issues, individuals don’t have the foggiest idea how to manage Shiv, we deal with issues landing position as well, I had put something aside for organic products yet those malevolent men removed it.

Pre cap: Sai tells Bhumi he feels like have mangoes. Bhumi says who will give us mangoes in this season. Sai says on the off chance that you attempt you can find God, Mango is something insignificant. Bhumi and Shiv meet Chattopadhyay for work.

Chattopadhyay advises Shiv to leave the room when Kulkarni strolls in or esle he will fly off the handle. Shiv tidying up room, Kulkarni strolls in, Shiv doesn’t pivot as he can’t tune in.

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