Mere Sai 2nd December 2022 Written Update:

Mere Sai 2nd December 2022 Written Update on

Kamal tells Amarpal he has cut 4 logs as told, Amarpal shares with him, I asked you for 5 logs. Kamal says unfortunately you said 4. Amarpal continues to demand he said 5. Kamal says no concerns I will cut one more. Sai strolls to them and says Amarpal do you recollect what I said before Kulkarni came, I’m asking you do that I don’t rehash.

Amarpal reviews and says you were discussing pride. Sai expresses out loud whatever else. Amarpal says I don’t recall however I recollected that I asked Kamal for 4 logs, sorry Kamal I reproved you. Kamal says no problem, you are instructing me that is more significant. Amarpal acclaims Kamal for being sensible and says my Subhash would have ended up being angry.

Bhimji visits Sai, Sai says I need to gift sugarcane juice for Amarpal and Subhash to make serious areas of strength for them revive them and ensure you get it yourself.

Subhash gets hit by ball accidentally, kids expressions of remorse to him. Subhash tells them I’m wearing costly garments how dare you, kids expressions of remorse to him. Subhash leaves.

Murli strolls to Sai and tells about a house building contract he got and how the individual pull out and presently he is in a difficult situation. Murli says and I denied work due to that work her ein Shirdi. Sai says go meet individuals who needed to give you work. Sai hits his hand and says this stick is harming. Murli says yet you hit yourself.

Subhash searching for cash all over, Bhimji taking sugarcane juice catchs Subhash, Subhash hollers at him for ruining his costly garments. Bhimji says I need to go meet Sai, you taxi wash your garments here, I am grieved and he leaves.

Subhash strolls to juicer to wash his garments. Bhagwandas strolls to him and asks him for juice, Subhash says do I seem to be juice merchant. Bhagwandas says you are remaining close to juicer what might I think, Subhash says I’m from rich family. He requests that Subhash assist him with juicer and says he is prepared to pay, Subhash denies.

Murli strolls to Bhagwandas and expressions of remorse for his mix-up and tells how he was under his pride, and when he met Sai he grasped his slip-up. (Sai makes sense of Murli that individuals were angry with him since he made trouble with them on account of his pride). That’s what subhash hears. Murli expressions of remorse and says he is penniless and shares with Bhagwandas assuming he gives some development he will begin work and do it genuinely. Bhagwandas acknowledges Murlis expression of remorse and gives him advance and requests that he start work. Murli expresses gratitude toward him and leaves.

Subhash thinks, Sai says pride ruins work today I have shown parcel of pride or, in all likelihood at this point my work would have been finished. Subhash strolls to Bhagwandas and statements of regret for his way of behaving and attempts to juice Sugarcane for him, Subhash serves him juice, Bhagwandas says this doesn’t have taste truly do don’t give more, my children won’t generally care for it. Subhash thinks I feel awful today since I’m bot lauded.

Bhimji gives Amarpal juice and Amarpal lauds him, Bhimji says I am so cheerful you loved it, I really buckled down for it. Sai says extremely obvious. Sai bloes in havan kundh, a wind currents close to Subhash and he sees lemons and masala. Subhash stops Bhagwandas and adds masala and lemons to his juice. Bhagwandas tastes it and says exceptionally yummy amd requests that Subhash give some something else for his children. Subhash packs and gives Bhagwandas. Bhagwandas gives him 1₹ and says give it to the proprietor and 1₹ for you, you tried sincerely and leaves.
Subhash cheerful yo procure 1₹.

Sai lights diya, Tatya tells Sai, for what reason did you express no to food today. Sai says I will cook myself today. Amarpal says he will not eat today in light of the fact that Subhash hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday. Sai grins and says its critical to have a wide range of vegetables, its important to be grounded for mental harmony.

Amarpal says are you singing towards Subhash on the grounds that his pride doesn’t allow him to push forward and says Subhash is my grandson I realize he has part of pride, I can’t allow him to be eager. Sai washes vegetables and tells Amarpal persistence and confidence has replies to everything, practice it and you will see the verification.

Pre cap: Subhash tells Sai he comprehended he needs to buckle down for cash. Sai says more significant is the way you bring in your cash.
Kulkarni shares with Subhash, 3₹ isn’t something else for me here have it.

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