Meet Written Update 19th September 2022:

Meet Written Update 19th September 2022 on

Episode begins with Meet Ahlawat going with the symbol to finish the Visarjan and everybody gets doused because of downpour however there’s sufficient fervor should be visible. Meet goes towards Meet Ahlawat to come clean with him of Neelam and Neelam pursues her to prevent her from making the disclosure.

A police work force make a declaration to be cautious as there’s bog because of precipitation and anybody can stall out there, it’s perilous. Neelam unexpectedly slips because of mud and she moves Meet Ahlawat unintentionally. He falls into the bog holding the icon. Ahlawats begin overreacting and they attempt to save him.

Meet Ahlawat stalls out there and Meet hurries to him. She tells him not to move much else he can not get up. The police perceives Meet and she advises them to orchestrate rope for saving Meet Ahlawat. He ties the rope around a tree and she ties the other part around her midsection. She gets into the bog to assist with meeting Ahlawat get up.

Everybody pulls the rope with all strength lastly Meet and her better half get saved. Meet Ahlawat gazes at her. Neelam feels miserable seeing them together. Babita expresses gratitude toward Meet saying she realized no one but Meet can put her life in extreme danger to save her better half and she is thankful towards her.

Endlessly meet Ahlawat go to forfeit the symbol in the water and he says thanks to Meet for saving him. She says Ganpati bappa saved him as well as she likewise tracked down the genuine cheat in 48 hours or less. He asks it implies she doesnt have the cash? She answers he realizes that as well however Neelam took it.

He gets stunned to know that and inquires as to how could she do that? She answers on the grounds that Neelam can’t stand her. She says she will make sense of everything later. After the Visarjan somebody tosses a laurel in the air and it falls on Meet and her significant other. They share an eye lock. Meet figures how to join Raj and Meet Ahlawat.

Meet Ahlawat feels dazed and she holds him. Specialist says he breathed in a few poisonous gases from the bog in this way he blacked out because of less oxygen supply in mind. He encourages him to hydrate to detoxify himself. Neelam says she will deal with that. Meet Ahlawat wakes up and she says she was concerned for him.

He asks Babita for what valid reason Raj didnt come to see him yet , or he doesn’t adore him any longer? He despises his child now and it would have been exceptional in the event that he passed on today. Babita asks him not to sheer such words once more. Raj loves him. That’s what raj hears and Slam sees him.

He advises him to head inside however Raj says he came here to find his bahubeta not Meet Ahlawat. He could do without him any longer. Meet figures wish some supernatural occurrence can join the dad and the child. Raj is preventing himself from demonstrating consideration and Meet Ahlawat is additionally kicking the bucket to get his adoration.

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