Meet 16th November 2022 Written Update:

Meet 16th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Barfi seeing Laila in her room eating natural products. Barfi thinks she needs to figure out in the wake of conversing with her where is Meet Ahlawat. Meet comes to the emergency clinic. Meet reviews Masum saying the room no. Barfi shares with Laila she assisted her and expresses she with canning trust Barfi.

Barfi asks Laila where did she conceal Meet Ahlawat? Laila stifles Barfi and says she will kill her in the event that she asks Meet Ahlawat’s whereabouts once more. Meet looks for Neelam’s room in the emergency clinic. Laila is demonstrated to stifle Barfi.

Meet comes to Neelam’s room and sees that Barfi is in the room yet not Neelam. The Hooligan tells Laila how much gamble he took for herself and says the amount he adores her. Laila plays with the Thug who is veiled as an emergency clinic staff.

Laila inquires as to whether he brought the infusion that she requested. Meet sees Neelam conversing with somebody. The Hooligan tells Laila that this infusion is exceptionally perilous and assuming it goes too far the individual could bite the dust. Laila gives a flying kiss to the Thug and leaves from that point.

Meet follows Laila. Laila comes into the consume ward where Meet Ahlawat is covered up. Meet thinks this is consume ward and thinks what is Neelam doing here? Meet figures Neelam could have stowed away Meet Ahlawat here.

Meet meets the specialist and says her significant other is abducted and says he may be in their consume ward and demands authorization to look through the ward. Laila is demonstrated to be in the consume ward. The specialist says she wants to bring the police if she has any desire to look through the consume ward. Meet reminds the specialist’s vow to save individuals’ lives and requests that the specialist give her consent.

Laila comes to Meet Ahlawat. Laila gets ready to give Meet Ahlawat the infusion with which Meet Ahlawat will neglect Meet for eternity. The specialist consents to and requests that the medical caretaker get the patient’s documents the consume ward. Laila gives an infusion to Meet Ahlawat. Laila apologizes to Meet Ahlawat subsequent to giving the infusion. Meet and the specialist come to the consume ward.

Meet sees a patient missing and gets some information about it. The specialist sees the document and says this bed is unfilled and says there are just 5 patients in the consume ward. Meet comprehends Neelam has seen her and gotten away with Meet Ahlawat. Laila is displayed to have seen when Meet was following her. Meet Ahlawat is demonstrated to be in a wheel seat oblivious.

Met thinks Neelam is exceptionally savvy. Meet calls Neelam. Neelam asks Meet for what good reason is everybody in the house believing that she grabbed Meet Ahlawat. Meet says she saw Neelam in the consume ward and inquires as to whether she concealed Meet Ahlawat there. Neelam says she could have gone there unintentionally and asks Meet for what good reason would she say she is denouncing her about Meet Ahlawat’s vanishing?

Meet says she has little to no faith in Neelam the slightest bit and asks where is Meet Ahlawat. Barfi comes and requests that Neelam leave. Barfi asks Meet for what reason is she here as Babita previously cautioned her not to draw near to Neelam. Meet Ahlawat is demonstrated to be removed on a wheel seat. Barfi requests that Meet leave and in the event that not she will call Babita. Meet doesn’t leave and Barfi gets ready to call Babita.

Meet seeing this leaves from that point. Barfi figures Laila may be concealing Meet Ahlawat here. Barfi figures she shouldn’t permit Meet to track down Meet Ahlawat. Meet additionally contemplates internally that she won’t leave until she tracks down Meet Ahlawat.

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