Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 2nd November 2021 Written Update:

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 2nd November 2021 Madhura looks at her wedding pictures and gets emotional remembering her husband. Samaira comes to Shubhra’s house with Vedika and Anant. She says Vedika wanted to meet Roli and Rishi. Shubhra says she needs to go for a meeting and asks if they can come tomorrow. Chandrani says she is there and they are not guests, they are like family members. She tells Shubhra that she can go. Shubhra leaves.

Vedika meets Rishi and Roli and says she came to patch up. Rishi and Roli hug her. Chandrani says kids are pure hearted, they should learn this from them. Kids go to play. Samaira sees Sadashiv’s picture and recalls how she killed him. She gets uncomfortable and goes to kitchen to drink water.

Chandrani asks her to taste some food. She tells Samaira that she is there just for a few days and then she will leave for Dubai, so spend as much as time she can with kids. Samaira thinks that Chandrani is right. Phirki spoiled her mood by showing that video. Once she gets the video, then she will teach lesson to Phirki. Kids call Samaira to play with them. Chandrani makes 2 teams and says whoever eats more pakoras will win. Samaira is still lost. Vedika tells her to eat fast.

Shubhra meets Kuldeep and says Samaira and Anant will get busy with kids. What they have to do now? He says, for now, I want to see in your eyes. He kisses her on forehead. He says, everything is going wrong here. Samaira is going on Phirki’s orders. Phirki has become dictator of this house. There was fear in Samaira’s eyes seeing Phirki. We have to figure out how that fear came. She asks so you want me to make Phirki confess? He says yes.

Shubhra goes to Phirki. Phirki asks her to leave, but Shubhra tries to search for something. Phirki threatens her. Shubhra threatens her back by showing a knife. Phirki sits on a side. Shubhra sees a safe box and asks Phirki to open it. Phirki says she doesn’t know. Kuldeep gives the passcode and Shubra manages to open it. She finds the house the papers that say the house is on Phirki’s name.

Chandrani says now they will play a cards game. They will make a house of cards, but they will change the teams. Kids will be in one team and elders in others. Kids say they will win because there is friendship among them and elders keep fighting. Samaira and Anant’s team win. They raise hands to give high-five in excitement and then just shake hands. Chandrani says Anant and Samaira made their home, so they are the winners. Samaira says that she needs to go home. She leaves.

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 1st November 2021 Written Update:

Shubhra asks Phirki what secret does she have that Samaira made house on her name. Phirki says for services that I gave. For supporting her in good and bad time. She’s going to Dubai, so she made house on my name. Shubhra says, I know you’re equally responsible in all the sins that Samaira committed.

Phirki says, fine, I am. So what? Shubhra slaps her. Phirki says you can slap me as much as you want. I am not afraid of you. Shubhra tells Kuldeep that this signature is fake. They will inform to police and they will arrest Phirki. Phirki says Samaira will tell herself that it’s her signature. Doorbell rings. Phirki says Samaira is here. You can ask her.

Anant thinks about Samaira. Chandrani tells him to cheer up. He just made a house with Samaira. He says, it was a cards house. One blow and the house will shatter. A house is something that doesn’t destroy even in a bad storm like Shubhra’s house. Chandrani says, I understand you, but Samaira made her space in Devika’s heart.

Don’t you have any space for Samaira in your heart? You two loved each other at some point. He says he has forgotten that love since long time. He just meets Samaira for Devika. Even Devika knows Samaira’s true face now. She herself has said that Samaira is a bad mother. It’s sad that he can’t give what Devika wants – love of a mother.

Precap :Samaira and Phirki are unconscious and tied up. Harsh gets some injection ready. He talks to unconscious Samaira that he loves Shubhra a lot and he can do anything for her. Whatever he is planning to do today is absolutely right for people like Samaira.

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