Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 1st November 2021 Written Update:

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 1st November 2021 Samaira sees her inner conscience. She gets irked when her conscience starts mocking her and reminds about her bad deeds. It says that Samaira have snatched so many things from others to reach her current place. It states that Samaira have stolen someone’s husband, money and many other things.

It taunts her that she doesn’t even get proper sleep as her inner self regrets all her ill-deeds. It says that Samaira even takes sleeping pills, but it also doesn’t work. It continues that Samaira can’t kill her feelings of regret, like she killed Sadashiv, whereas Samaira gets furious and shouts in anger.

Here, Harsh talks to his Inspector friend Deshpandey. He discuss about Sadashiv’s case and states that he is doubtful about it. He declares that it cannot be a cardiac arrest as Sadashiv was all happy that day. He shows his doubt towards Samaira, while Inspector says that it doesn’t mean anything now as they don’t have the dead body to confirm their speculations. He says that there is one way to prove it, that is if Samaira confess her crime.

Chandrani and Madhura shares their pain with one another. Chandrani consoles Madhura and says that they can’t avoid the death, to which latter replies that she wouldn’t be that much affected if it was a natural death. She says that Samaira killed Sadashiv before his death time.

Elsewhere, Harsh visits Madhura. Chandrani let’s him inside, while Madhura taunts him stating that he came to defend his friend Samaira. Chandrani ask her to let him speak. Madhura tells that they all trusted him and Shubhra considered him as her best friend but he made her regret him.she declares that he betrayed their trust.

Harsh clearifies that he always wanted best for them. He says that he can never betray Shubhra’s friendship and always consider her as his best friend. He ask them to have trust on him and insists Madhura to give him Sadashiv’s medical reports. He makes them understand that he wants to prove Samaira guilty and for that he needs her confession and proofs. He gives confidence to Madhura that he will give justice to Sadashiv, while she handovers the medical reports to him. She states that she is putting all her hopes and trust on him, while he leaves from there.

Ahead, Harsh and Inspector reads all the medical reports of Sadashiv. They comes to a conclusion that Sadashiv was all fit and can’t have any cardiac arrest unless and until anything major happen. Harsh says that Sadashiv was happy with Shubhra and her kids and concludes that it can be a murder.

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 29th October 2021 Written Update:

Anant feeds Vedika lovingly, while she declares to sleep with him. She discloses it in front of Samaira while latter looks lost and nods in agreement to Vedika’s request. Vedika feels odd and bids bye to Samaira. She goes away along with Anant, while Phirki comes there. She sits on the dinning table with Samaira and declares to eat with them. Samaira gets furious and leaves from there, while Kuldeep gets suspicious.

Further, Kuldeep looks at Phirki and ask about the matter. She tries to act confused, while he says that he can see fear in Samaira’s face. Phirki ignores him and eats her food.

Anant wakes up in the morning and gets worried on not finding Vedika. He searches for her along with Kuldeep and gets shocked seeing her sleeping on the floor in front of Samaira’s room. He gets furious at Samaira and calls her out. He scolds her, while Vedika gets an asthma attack. He gets the pump, while Samaira gives it to Vedika.

Later, Vedika gets fine while Anant starts taking her away. He cheers her up, while Kuldeep stops him stating that Samaira will go along with her daughter. He declares that no one can stop Samaira from doing what she wants. Samaira looks at him and then takes Vedika and gets inside.

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