Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 29th October 2021 Written Update:

Chandrani opens the letter. She says express delivery ganu bappa. Chandrani reads Roli’s letter. She writes in marathi I miss you. Madhura gets teary. Roli says you’re sweet like a laddu. I miss your mustache. Madhura reads Rishi’s you didn’t teach me how to wear dhoti. Who will make me wear in the pooja? Roli writes I miss your snorts.

Madhura reads tell aaji and dadi to live with us. They miss you a lot. If they live with us, we will make them laugh. We miss that pool party. Chandrani reads we will go to that resort again. Your Roli. Madhura reads your Rishi. Madhura says these letters reminded of the old memories. Shubhra once wrote a letter in school.

She was always first in class. But that night she didn’t sleep. She wrote a letter aai baba forgive me. I will apologize to the teacher as well. She went to the school and called us to read it. We got teary. Shubhra and her kids are like her. Chandrani says and me and my son both goons. They laugh. Madhura says you have to write the reply as their reply.

Chandrani and Madhura start writing. Madhura says keep this photo in Rishi’s letter and chocolates in both letters. Madhura says writes I am a little busy. I will send you pohay, pizza and sandwich. Aaji will take you to the resort now. Chandrani hugs Madhura. Madhura says Ganu bapa give them the letters.

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 28th October 2021 Written Update:

Chandrani says the letters are here. Rishi and Roli dance with the letters. Madhura says let’s ready them. Roli reads. Rishi says your mustache Aaji maa loves you. Roli reads mustache kiss. Roli says I love mustache kiss. Rishi says Aaju baa looks so smart. Roli reads Ganu bappa got my makeover done. I don’t snore now. Tell aaji to take you to picnic. Rishi reads miss you Rishi. Never get angry like me.

I have lost a lot in anger. Don’t lose that. Roli raeds I miss you so much. You are my little Shubhra. Take all good things from your mom. Rishi reads I am busy with work. I will send pohay, pizza brownie, burger and chocolates. I love you. Your aaju ba. Rishi says see the chocolates and sweets. Chandrani says it’s our marriage anniversary tomorrow. Give this sweet to your mom dad too.

Chandrani and Madhura leave. Rishi locks the door. He says you’re not going anywhere. Roli kisses Narain’s photo. They take his blessings. Rishi hugs Roli. Kuldeep comes home. Rishi says Aaji sent sweets for you. Vitthal says she sent these things for Shubhra. Roli says we wrote Aaju baa letters. Rishi says he responded back as well. Kuldeep reads the letters and smiles. Roli says don’t tell this secret to mama. we will eat the chocolates he sent. Kuldeep smiles. Kuldeep says they are so innocent. Vithal says Biji says heart should be like kids. Life is easy that way.

Kuldeep recalls meeting Narain at the resort. He says I wish I could celebrate your anniversaries with you here. Your everything was taken away from you because of me. You only gave my kids love, while I hurt you. Your blessings are always with us.

Scene 3
Samaira looks at Narain’s death’s pictures. She drinks. Her conscience comes and says you’re paying a big price of killing Narain right? Samaira says I didn’t kill him. Her conscience says you can lie to the world but not your ownself. Samaira says who are you to decide the truth? She says your conscience that you never listen to. The question in your heart can’t change. Will you forget that poor man dying and crying for his life? His eyes having your cruel picture? See your hands. They are shaking. Like his breaths are still touching them. Samaira says I didn’t do anything. Shubhra forced me. She wants my everything. Her conscience smiles.

Precap :Chandrani says to Harsh why did you come? Madhura says want to clear proofs for your friend Samaira? Phirki says to Samaira I will eat on the table. I am not any less than you.

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