Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 27th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Vedika brings food to Anand. She says please eat. He says you have forgotten papa. She makes him eat. Vedika says Rishi and Roli say always patch up with heart. Will you patch up if I convince you from heart. Anand hugs her and says you can convince me in a second. She says will mama really leave me? Am I a bad daughter? No one loves me.

Mama isleaving me. Anand says you are the best daughter. Your mom loves herself the most. That’s the difference between Shubhra and your mom. For Shubhra Rishi Roli are her world and your mom’s world is herself. She left you when you were born and she can leave now as well. Your papa will always be with you.

Vedika says I am a good girl? Anand says you’re the best. When you grow up you will be like Shubhra ji not samaira. Vedika says I am sorry. Mama is bad and you are good. Anand says don’t say that. A mother is mother. always love her. VEdika says will you always love her too? Anand says I will try.

Scene 2
Shubhra asks Harsh you tried to get Kuldeep kidnapped. How did you do that? He says I had a friend in police. Shubhra says can he help us? How police thinks. Harsh says I misused him once. I can’t do that. Shubhra says we are taking his help for the right thing. We are trying to get a criminal arrested. You are not doing anything wrong. Harsh says if you’re saying it might be right. I will talk to him.

Scene 3
Phirki sees Samaira’s tickets and says are you leaving really? You are laeving me here with police? Samaira says don’t eat my head. Phirki says you’re trapping me in all this and running away? Samaira says I have paid you enough. what else do you want? More money? Get plastic surgery done and change your face. No one will recognize you. Sign these papers. Phirki says how can I sign them without reading?

Samaira says these are Mumbai house’s papers. Once you sign them you will get the house. You can’t sell it for a year. Phirki says what is this other paper?? Samaira says confession. you will confess that you were the reason behind Narain’s death. Not from your hands but because of you.

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 26th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Phirki says that’s the same thing. I am not an idiot. Samaira says do you want to be like me? Go take my house and live a good life. Just give this confession. Phirki says I didn’t do it. Why would I confess? You should sign them. Samaira says did I kill? Who would believe? What’s the proof? I can go and turn you in. Sign it. Phirki says I won’t.

Samaira says are you out of your mind? Phirki says I was but now I am in senses. I will tell you your place now. Samaira says what do you mean? Phirki says I learned about reels from you. I made your video while you killed Shubhra’s dad. SAmaira says I will kill you what will you do with that video? I will smash your phone. She grasps her. Phirki says I saved it on cloud and told my friend to give it to the police if something happens to me. samaira shoves her. Phirki leaves.

Scene 4
Chandrani and Madhura listen to old songs and remember their husbands. Madhuraa says let me make your pain better. She puts Chadha ji and Narain’s pictures together. She says this house is equally yours. Your Chadha ji will be here with Shubhra’s baba. And we will be with each other.

Harsh calls his friend. He says there was no postmortem. There’s no proof. How can one confession do anything? Only Samaira has the remote of this game. She’s two steps ahead of you. think something that takes you two steps ahead of her. Kuldeep says what do you mean? He says make her angry. Provoke her to say the truth.

Samaira thinks about what Phirki said. She gets angry. Samaira comes out and sees Phiri in the pool enjoying her drink. She says hi Sam, what did you decide about the Mumbai house? Money? No? No issues. Get me more wine please. Samaira looks at her in anger.

 Update Precap :Samaira asks Phirki where is that video? She says give me the house first. Samaira drowns her in the water and says I will kill you like Narain.

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