Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 26th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Harsh warning Samaira from saying anything against Shubhra and advice her to go to Dubai as soon as possible along with Kuldeep. She smirks saying that Shubhra wants to send her to jail, while Harsh wants to send her to Dubai. She taunts him and says that his idea of getting Shubhra won’t be successful. Harsh says that for him relationships are everything and reminds her to worry about getting money from Rajdaksh.

Here, Phirki cleans the house being tired. She dreams about ruling the house and getting work done by Samaira. She sees Samaira pampering and doing all her work, while she shouting at Samaira and giving orders to her. But, soon she comes back to reality and resume her cleaning.

Samaira remembers Rajdaksh’s words about giving money only after talking to Kuldeep. She gets furious at him and mocks him. Later, she calls Kuldeep and notify him about the matter. She ask him not to talk too much and get on the point. She takes the call on conference and apprises Rajdaksh about Kuldeep being in the call. Kuldeep apologises to Rajdaksh and ask if he can give them even half of the amount as they are winding up their business and moving to Dubai.

Elsewhere, Samaira thinks Rajdaksh won’t give the money easily. But, he instantly agrees hearing Kuldeep’s voice. He says that he trust Kuldeep as he believes in relationships unlike Samaira, who doesn’t care about it. He declares that he is ready to give the payment, while Samaira gets furious and pours her anger out. Kuldeep hangs the call hearing her frustration.

Madhura and Chandrani enjoys their company.madhura cuts the vegitables, while Chandrani tells her that she have called Shubhra to send the kids to their house. They both have a peaceful conversation, while Rishi and Roli arrives there and hugs both their grandmothers excitedly.

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 25th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Ahead, Shubhra and Kuldeep have a conversation with Harsh. Shubhra gets close with Kuldeep and declares her love for him. She says that she trust and loves him immensely and no one can separate her from Kuldeep. She states that she can even go tk Dubai for him. Harsh feels hurt seeing them together and taunts Kuldeep about going back to Samaira.

Shubhra gives support to Kuldeep and ask if Harsh is getting hurt seeing their love. She expresses her true love for Kuldeep and then states that she consider Harsh to be her good friend. She says that she will keep counting him in her list of friends forever and says that she cares for him. She questions that how he got influenced by Samaira and started supporting the wrong side? While he keeps looking at her.

Further, Shubhra gets emotional and says that she just want to make Samaira pay for her crimes. She states that she wants to take revenge for her father’s death and tries to convince Harsh to support them. Kuldeep moves towards Harsh and says that previously he used to hate him, but since when he saved his life and took care of him, his perspective about Harsh has changed. He consoles Harsh saying that he understands how easy it is to get influenced by Samaira, but requests him to help them. Harsh agrees to help Shubhra and Kuldeep and ask about their plan. Shubhra gets relieved, while Kuldeep side hugs her.

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