Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 25th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Shubhra pointing knife on Samaira’s neck and warns her. She says that she can kill her immediately, but won’t do it as she cares for her family. She ask Samaira to be aware of her and declares that she can do anything for her family’s safety. She proclaims to do anything to protect her kids and leaves from there giving a stern look to Samaira, while Kuldeep looks at her.

Here, Madhura prays to God for her kids. She remembers Sadashiv and gets emotional. She gets flashes of how he got murdered and ask God to tell him that Rishi and Roli misses him. She ask God to give her strength to forgive Kuldeep. She states that she don’t want to carry the burden of revenge and wants to live her life happily with her family.

Roli writes something on her copy, while Rishi comes there and questions her about it. She replies that she is writing points to prove that Shubhra is a better mother then Samaira. She says that it will be helpful when she will argue with Vedika. Rishi snatches the copy and reminds Roli about Shubhra’s words. He says that it is not fine to do argument with Vedika. He tells her that she don’t have to be like Samaira, while Roli understands him and agrees to his statement.

Elsewhere, Phirki prays to God for her safety. She remembers God and chants their names to save her from Samaira. At that time Samaira comes there and Phirki gets shocked. Phirki falls on her feet and ask Samaira to show some mercy. Samaira smirks and declares that only she can protect Phirki and proclaims her to be a God. She states that she will be Phirki’s shield, while latter gets happy. Samaira ask Phirki to get the car ready and decides to go somewhere.

Samaira reaches Rajdaksh’s office and tries to get inside. The guard stops her while she creates a drama. The guard scolds her and everyone gathers there. She tries to bribe the guard, but he refuses and mocks her. At that time Rajdaksh comes there and ask Samaira to take an appointment from his secretary to meet him. She gets furious, while he goes back to his cabin. She waits for the meeting to get over and then goes inside to meet him after taking an appointment.

Ahead, Samaira shows her disappointment towards Rajdaksh while he says that their partnership gets over earlier only. He ask her to say her point fast as he doesn’t have time to waste. She says that is shifting her business to Dubai and so wants to close their contract and take the money. He reminds her about the clause of their deal and says that she can’t end the deal without prior notice of 30 days. He continues that she will get the money only after somedays.

Samaira gets furious and starts shouting, while he ask her to stop. He says that if she wants to clear the contract fast then ask her to send Kuldeep to talk to him. She leaves from there being anxious.

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 22nd-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Further, Kuldeep scolds Shubhra for her behaviour in front of Samaira. He says that she can’t loose her self control and reminds about how it can affect their kids. She also tells him about his fault and then both decides to have self control. Kuldeep says that somehow Samaira controls them, while Shubhra tells that there is someone who can even control Samaira.

Samaira pours her anger out in front of Harsh. She keeps talking ill about Shubhra and notify him about what she did. She sees Shubhra’s photo in Harsh’s wallet and gets furious. She takes it out and was about to throw it, but Harsh stops her. He gives her a stern warning to stay away from Shubhra. He says that she can do whatever she wants with Kuldeep, but tell her not to go near Shubhra. She smirks and declares that she can easily remove Shubhra from his life, while he looks at her.

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