Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 1st October 2021 Shubhra comes home to see Madhura waiting for her. She asks where were you? you didn’t even message and now coming back like a thief. Shubhra says it’s nothing. Madhura says you are still lying for that man? Did you go to meet Kuldeep right? You are hiding things from your Ayi because of that man. I should just leave before hearing you lie. She goes from there. Shubhra looks on and says what to do, this life has become a never-ending test for me.

Chandrani scolds Sam and says you are so cheap. Sam says it was just a trailer, if your son messes with me again then I will send him to jail for years, he won’t get another Shubhra, I am not an old-fashioned daughter in law, I can make him dance to my tunes. Kuldeep looks on. Chandrani says this woman is a dayyan, you did a mistake by loving her, I am ashamed to even call you my son. Sam says you are right, put him down so he can crawl to me. Kuldeep is hurt hearing all that.

In the morning, Rishi tells Shubhra that I can’t live with Ayi alone if I go to work. Shubhra says you can’t go to papa’s house daily. Rishi says I will go with you to your office. I will do my homework there. Shubhra says fine. Shubhra writes a note and leaves with Rishi.

Chandrani is leaving the house and tells Kuldeep that it’s your mistake by bringing this witch into our lives. I am not ready to go to jail. She starts leaving. Sam says who will protect your son now? Chandrani says he is responsible for himself. I don’t want to mess with you anymore. I hope God punishes you but I am leaving now. Sam smirks and goes from there. Chandrani laughs and tells Kuldeep that I can never leave my son with a witch like her. Kuldeep is confused? Chandrani says I am going to find Phirki in Mumbai, she can tell us the truth. She goes from there.

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Shubhra brings Rishi to Narayan’s office. Shubhra says I used to come here with Narayan as a kid. Rishi says you will sit on his chair now. He makes her sit there and takes her photo. Shubhra’s manager enters her room and says your father’s rival Vishwas Patel is here. He was his friend but a little weird, he is a politician also so be careful. Shubhra says can I meet him tomorrow? It’s my first day.

Vishwas enters her room and greets her rudely. Shubhra is caught off-guard. Vishwas says I am here to settle everything. Shubhra offers him some refreshments. Vishwas says let’s celebrate your father’s death first. He used to do business fairly, I told him to sell it but he was stubborn. I wish he has peace now and I can get the business from you now. Shubhra says it’s my family business so I will handle it.

Vishwas laughs and says women can’t handle real estate, you have personal issues also. Your husband left you for another. Your father was my friend so I have a solution for you. I am offering you the money that you need. Shubhra looks at his offer. Vishwas says you can throw money at the other woman (Sam) and get your husband back. Let’s finalize the deal now. Shubhra smiles at him and says thank you for your offer but no, your offer is no good. You might have a lot of money but this business is not for sale, my baba has worked hard so it’s not for sale. You can work with me or work as my rival.

The choice is yours. Vishwas is angry and says I will remember this. We will keep meeting now. Shubhra says sure, he leaves from there. The manager tells Shubhra your baba would be proud to see you like this. Rishi smiles at Shubhra. Shubhra thinks I wish Ayi was with me in this fight.


Kuldeep tells Shubhra that Sam is applying for a visa. Madhura says it’s good if you leave with her and let us live in peace. Kuldeep comes to Sam’s house and sees Harsh there. Kuldeep says what are you doing with Sam here? Sam says we are friends, you and harsh have something in common. You both love Shubhra. Harsh smirks. Kuldeep is shocked.

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