Kundali Bhagya 30th November 2022 Written Update:

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Episode starts with Arjun chooses to go to police headquarters. Dadi inquires as to whether he will uphold Rishabh. He tells her that he realize Rishabh did nothing out of sorts and goes out. She imagines that Arjun is great individual. In the police headquarters, Anjali requests that Preeta not acquire Arjun this matter.

Preeta asks Anjali that the amount Arjun offered Anjali to do this. She cautions her to distrust Arjun. She feels that Arjun controlled Anjali by recounting counterfeit stories against Luthras. She says that she will help Anjali assuming she know why Anjali is doing this. Anjali asks Preeta that how might the last option denounce her like this. She says that Preeta expecting everything. Preeta tells her that she realize the last option is lying.

Anjali illuminates her about the battle which occurred among her and Rishabh in the gathering room. She tells her that she confided in Rishabh that is the reason she acknowledged his lift offer. She says that she took Rishabh to her review room since she never figured Rishabh will follow through with something like that. Preeta requests that she quit lying. She says that she know Rishabh quite well. She tells her that the last option changed by remaining with Arjun.

Priyanka asks Preeta that how could the last option talk like that with Anjali. She advises her to proceed to address Rishabh. Preeta advises Priyanka that her family is experiencing because of Anjali’s falsehood. She lets Anjali know that she will demonstrate that the last option is lying. She cautions Anjali to confront the ramifications for her untruth.

Anjali tells Police overseer that Preeta is undermining her. Preeta tells Police reviewer that Anjali is lying. Police investigator agrees with Anjali’s stance. He advises Preeta to meet Rishabh. Preeta heads inside. Anjali demands Police controller to not allow anybody to meet her with the exception of Arjun and heads inside.

Preeta meets Rishabh. She inquires as to whether he is fine. Rishabh apologizes to her for making her go through this. She requests that he not apologize in light of the fact that she realize he is guiltless. She tells him to not feel alone in light of the fact that they are with him. He says thanks to her for confiding in him. She lets him know that he acquired this trust. She wipes his tears and holds his hand. That’s what arjun sees and leaves from that point.

Anjali lets Priyanka know that she attempted to control her affections for Arjun however she fizzled. Arjun comes there. She embraces him and cries. He asks her that what occurred. She deceives him that Rishabh attacked her. He tells her that she probably misconstrued in light of the fact that he know Rishabh. She lets him know that he is saying that she is lying. She reprimands him for accusing her. She shows injuries to him saying that Rishabh is liable for this. She says that Rishabh rebuffed her for supporting Arjun generally. She causes him to accept that Rishabh attacked her.

Preeta requests that Rishabh not have any regrettable contemplations and face everything with certainty. Arjun lets Anjali know that he is with her. He is sorry to her for not confiding in her. He says that he will battle for herself and leaves from that point.

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