Imlie 30th November 2022 Written Update:

Imlie 30th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Imlie battling to walk and Arto saves her from falling. He says why she deceived him that she is fine. She says they ought not be late to arrive at Chini as a result of her concern. Arto says Imlie really focuses on everybody aside from herself. He lifts her up and causes her to sit on a stone.

She gazes at him and her mangalsutra stalls out with his coat. He attempts to isolate them and says he needs to break the mangalsutra it appears. Imlie stops him saying mangalsutra is the indication of her and his marriage.

She will safeguard it long lasting. Arto feels she couldn’t actually see the mangalsutra broken then how might she manage the news when he will break their marriage. Chini inconveniences the emergency clinic staffs and locks herself inside a room. She unnerves different patients and the specialist illuminates Rudra about it.

Chini gets call from Kia and the last option says Chini’s karma is awful as she attempted to call Imlie yet Rudra halted both Imlie and Arto in halfway. Chini gets rankled and cuts the call. Imlie and Arto attempt to go close to a truck. Arto says he is there for herself and holds her hand. Imlie petitions God for their fellowship generally.

Specialist requests that the attendants get Chini effectively. Chini looks for Anu’s assistance and advises them to send Imlie to her at the middle as Rudra halted her. Anu concurs. Chini takes steps to toss container at the medical caretakers and specialist. She advises them to remain away.

Imlie and Arto see that there is no driver in the truck. They hear crying voice of certain kids. They check and discover a few frightened captured kids. Imlie guarantees them that she will take them to their folks. Arto says before the ruffians show up they need to leave. Arto says there’s no telephone signal. Kids embrace Arto in dread and Imlie goes to drive the truck. She sits on the driver’s seat and looks for the organization by evolving position. She attempts to call the police however those ruffians show up at that point. They hear a few commotion from inside and mind the children. Arto conceals seeing them.

One hijacker neglects to open the entryway of the driver’s seat. Imlie’s telephone rings and she gets found out by the criminals. They pick sticks to check who is with the children. Kids get apprehensive and tell him not to let them be. Arto says nothing will happen to them. He kicks away one of the ruffians.

Imlie is going to have chance however she begins the truck expressing Sita Maiya. Kids encourage Imlie. Arto additionally encourages her. Imlie stops the truck seeing an individual sitting on a vehicle before them. Arto advises Imlie to feel free to begin driving. The other hooligan shoots the tire of the truck and it gets penetrated when Imlie begins driving.

Precap-Imlie has been approached to begin the truck yet she denies. Kids shout for help. Arto gets found out by the hijackers.

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