Kundali Bhagya 28th November 2022 Written Update:

Kundali Bhagya 28th November 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode starts with Anjali claims that Rishabh attacked her. Preeta tells Police investigator that Anjali is lying. She protects Rishabh. Rishabh requests that Police auditor complete the examination well. Anjali cries saying that she didn’t misconstrue Rishabh’s touch. She says that she is frightened of Rishabh and runs from that point. Then again, Arjun ponders that where is Anjali.

Rishabh’s folks protects Rishabh. Srishti tells Police auditor that Anjali lied. Police reviewer says that he needs to make a move against Rishabh. He adds that they are exploring this case since yesterday night. He arranges constable to capture Rishabh. Preeta says that nothing has been demonstrated against Rishabh so Police can’t take Rishabh from that point. Police overseer requests that she not meddle in his work. Rishabh lets Preeta know that he is happy she trust him and that is enough for him. Police captures Rishabh.

Woman constable control center Anjali and she goes to bring water. Anjali calls media journalist and request to come to Luthra house for making it known. She reviews that how Arjun experienced because of Rishabh. She says that she won’t extra Rishabh for deceiving Arjun. She feels that Arjun is great individual and he can do nothing for his vengeance that is the reason she is doing this.

Luthras reproves Police overseer for confiding in Anjali. Rishabh requests that Luthras quiet down. Police takes Rishabh from that point. Media columnists covers everything. They scrutinizes Rishabh. Luthras protects Rishabh. Rishabh requests that Sameer take everybody inside. Preeta gets some information about anything since she will effectively defend himself. Rishabh tells her that nothing will happen to him since she is with him and God is with him.

Media journalists questions Preeta. Preeta reprimands them for charging Rishabh with next to no confirmation. Anjali gets blissful seeing Preeta like that. Sameer takes Luthras inside the house. Kareena tells Media columnists that Anjali denounced Rishabh on Arjun’s command. Rakhi imagines that Kareena is correct. In the mean time, Arjun requests that Dadi call Anjali. He ponders that why Anjali isn’t picking his call. Preeta comes there.

Police takes Rishabh to police headquarters. Rishabh advises Police reviewer that he need to see Anjali’s assertion. Outside police headquarters, Anjali tells Media journalists that she is coming clean about Rishabh. She enters the police headquarters with woman constable. Rishabh lets them know that he dropped Anjali in her homestead house to help her. He requests that Anjali come clean to police. Anjali says that she committed error by tolerating Rishabh’s assistance. Constable puts Rishabh in a correctional facility.

Preeta lets Arjun know that the last option is behind Rishabh’s capture. She says that Arjun utilized Anjali to give attack body of evidence against Rishabh. Arjun gets stunned hearing her. She lets him know that she came to caution him. She says that she can go any reach out for her loved ones. She faults him for Rishabh’s capture. She adds that she will defend Rishabh at any expense.

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