Kundali Bhagya 12th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Rishabh asks Sameer to take care of everyone and leaves from there with Police. Mahesh struggles to breathe and everyone gets worried for him and they takes him to his room. Preeta stops Karan from going to Police station and tells him that they should meet Sandeep first. They reaches the hospital. She asks him to control his anger because they are here to convince Sandeep to withdraw the case. She drags him behind the pillar seeing someone. He misunderstands that she is flirting with him and she scolds him for thinking like that.

She informs him that Constable standing outside Sandeep’s room that’s why she took him here. He tells her that they are not theif to hide from Police. She tells him that Police won’t allow them to enter Sandeep’s room so she will enter it as Doctor Preeta. She goes to changing room. Disguised Prithvi tries to enter Sandeep’s room but Constable stops him saying that no one is allowed to enter this room.

Prithvi tells him that if he can’t enter the room then who will save the patient’s life. He informs him that Sandeep’s condition is critical so he need to save his life and asks him that will the latter take responsibility if anything happen to Sandeep then. Karan picks Sameer’s call and learns that Mahesh’s condition got worsen so he leaves from there.

Preeta wears Doctor coat and tells herself that she won’t let her family suffer because of others misunderstanding. She tries to enter the room and Constable stops her saying that already one Doctor went inside. She tells him that, that Doctor must be her junior.

Sandeep gets shocks seeing Prithvi. Prithvi tells him that he will give 20 lakhs but the latter has to follow his orders. Prithvi hears noise and hides assuming that original Doctor came. Preeta enters the room and wonders that where Doctor went. She asks Sandeep about the Doctor who visited earlier. Sandeep lies to her that no one came. Prithvi gets shocks seeing Preeta.

Preeta introduces herself to Sandeep. He asks her to not interfere in his and Rishabh’s matter. She tells him that it must be a misunderstanding and Rishabh had no intention to kill him and asks him to withdraw the case. He tells her that Rishabh didn’t wanted to give 10 lakhs that’s why he tried to kill him. She tells him that she is ready to give 50 lakhs to him and leaves the room seeing Nurse. Prithvi thinks that he don’t have much money to beat Preeta’s offer but he need to do something. He threatens Sandeep without Nurse’s knowledge.

Preeta tells Karan that if they offered money then Sandeep may withdraw the case. She notices Srishti and informs Karan that Srishti reached the hosptial and disconnects the call. She notices that Nurse left the room so she enters the room again and asks him that what he thought about her offer. He scolds her saying that he is not greedy to accept her offer.

Karan tells his family that it’s hard for Mahesh to handle this stress. Sherlyn recalls that how Prithvi informed her that Rishabh won’t be released for now. Preeta and Srishti comes there. Sherlyn questions Preeta. Srishti asks her to not act like everything is Preeta’s mistake. Preeta convinces Dadi to take her medicines.

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