Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 11th October 2022:

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Episode begins with Ranbir prodding Prachi. Prachi begins yelling at him. Ranbir stops the vehicle. Prachi thinks Ranbir halted the vehicle to request that she get down from the vehicle and she gets down. Ranbir gets down from the vehicle and attempts to quiet down her outrage by applauding her maxim that she was looking great in the commitment.

Prachi strolls out and about and Ranbir follows Prachi with the vehicle. Ranbir requests that Prachi get in the vehicle however she doesn’t. So he gets down from the vehicle and Ranbir powerfully gets Prachi in the vehicle. Ranbir shares with Prachi that he put on the youngster lock and she can’t get out. Shahana likewise says Ranbir worked effectively.

Daljeet is consulting with Priya about Rahul. Ranbir and Prachi come to the house. Daljeet sees Prachi is furious and inquires as to for what reason would she say she is irate? Ranbir tells Daljeet like generally she is pitching fits and she is strolling out and about. He says he requested that she stop however Prachi didn’t, So he strongly put Prachi in the vehicle. Daljeet accepts Prachi and Ranbir for instance and expresses out loud anything that Rahul did is for her self confidence and persuades Priya to make up with Rahul.

Priya says thanks to Daljeet for preventing her from pursuing an off-base choice. After Priya leaves. Daljeet chooses to figure out the issue among Ranbir and Prachi. Be that as it may, Prachi would rather not talk and leaves. Ranbir says she realizes she is off-base that is the reason she is waking endlessly. Prachi says she is right on the money. Priya comes and says Pallavi is calling her.

Prachi comes and asks Pallavi for what valid reason did she call her? Pallavi requests that she plunk down. Pallavi shows Prachi the dress that she chose for her. Prachi asks on which event will she wear this dress. Pallavi says tomorrow is her Mehendi capability and requests that she wear it tomorrow and says after Diwali it will be her marriage.

Ranbir comes to Aryan and converses with him. Ranbir shares his anxiety saying that tomorrow is Mehendi capability of Prachi and inquires as to whether Prachi gets Sid’s name Mehendi. Aryan gives a thought of what to do. Ranbir disagrees from the get go however he gets persuaded after some time.

Shahana asks Prachi what is the dress for. Prachi says Pallavi gave it to her for Mehendi capability. Prachi asks Shahana what will Pallavi think when she realizes that she would rather not wed Sid. Shahana says all that will be okay after she knows reality. Prachi reviews about Rhea. Prachi chooses to discover Rhea in the act.

Prachi and Shahana arrive at the Back rub salon. Prachi and Shahana see Rhea and follow her. At the point when they go inside they see Alia and not Rhea. Prachi and Shahana get amazed seeing her. Alia asks Prachi what is she doing here and says it isn’t great for pregnant women to have a back rub. Shahana says she came here to have rub and Prachi is here to give her organization. Prachi and Shahana leave from that point. Rhea lets out the unadulterated truth and says thanks to Alia.

Prachi Shahana actually don’t have the foggiest idea about what turned out badly. Rhea drinks wine to assuage her pressure and Alia permits her. Rhea asks Alia how could she realize that Prachi and Shahana will come to the back rub salon. Alai says she heard them talking and says when she heard that they need to discover her in the act. She left there in a rush and supplanted Rhea. Rhea says she didn’t see the reason why she did that however when Prachi and Shahana came she saw totally. Rhea says thanks to Alia once more.

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