Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 10th October 2022:

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Episode begins with Aryan reasoning Ranbir will kill him assuming he finds all is great. He contemplates what to do in pressure. He crashes into Shahana. They contend with one another. Shahana makes him say sorry spelling. He understands she controlled him to say sorry and defies her.

Shahana sees Sid emerging from the lodge and goes to him. Aryan slams into another young lady. Aryan apologizes to her and they grin at one another. Shahana explains to Sid that is the reason she can’t stand Aryan. Aryan reminds her she didn’t express gratitude toward him for causing her to get the regular checkup.

Shahana requests that he not expect it and she is going to leave with Sid. Aryan says a twofold sided woman. Sid encourages him to converse with young ladies with deference. Aryan requests that how talk with your sort of man. Shahana attempts to stop him.

Aryan asks her for what valid reason she is really focusing on an egotistical man. Sid requests that he stop. Aryan taunts Sid and his step sister. Shahana says she can’t resist the urge to panic any longer and you don’t have the foggiest idea how Sid helped his step sister. Aryan asks what he did. Shahana tells Aryan that Alia and Rhea have grabbed Sid’s sister and coerced him to call Prachi’s child as his and needs to wed her to see his sister alive.

She says in the event that Sid doesn’t do this, then Rhea will kill Mihika. Aryan gets stunned. Ranbir, Rhea, and Prachi hear this. Rhea expresses No out of frustration. Ranbir checks Rhea out. Rhea tells Ranbir that Shahana is lying. She defies Sid about why he uncovered her. She calls her men and requests that they kill Mihika. Shahana says it’s her shortcoming. Aryan says valid, it’s your shortcoming. She emerges from her creative mind.

Ranbir asks Specialist and Rhea what’s going on and what they implied by uncovering. Prachi requests that they uncover what they are talking? Prachi figures Specialist should uncover Rhea and I won’t allow Rhea to cut short her child. Madhurima says Rhea’s pregnancy has a few entanglements. Prachi asks what entanglements.

Madhurima says she will affirm after the tests and takes Rhea with her. Ranbir requests that Prachi not take the pressure. He causes her to sit and goes to get her water. Prachi sees a message on Rhea’s telephone. She snaps a picture of it. Ranbir gives her water. She drinks it.

Shahana contends with Aryan saying it’s not her error. Sid says Shahana stop it yaar. Aryan requests that he not call Shahana as Yaar. Shahana says she is his companion. Aryan requests that Shahana generally doubt Sid as he is a housebreaker. Shahana inquires as to whether he won’t converse with his mother on the off chance that she lets him know that his mother is the top of the trick. He asks what she implies.

Rhea expresses gratitude toward Madhurima for saving her. She is sorry to her for questioning her. Madhurima requests that she attempt a little child knock. Ranbir asks Prachi the number of chocolates she that took. Prachi says 4. He likewise takes 4 chocolates. Rhea and Madhurima emerge from the actually taking a look at room. Prachi asks how are they.

Madhurima says the anxiety is high. She expresses Ranbir to get Rhea far from stress. Ranbir says it happens to each lady and I will attempt to get her far from stress. They leave.

Aryan requests that Shahana let him know what his mother has done. Shahana is going to uncover. Sid stops her. Shahana causes him to sit in the seat. She contends with Aryan. Sid requests that Shahana shut up. Ranbir, Prachi, and Rhea come there. Ranbir asks what occurred. Aryan says Shahana is causing a situation and I’m leaving.

Aryan inquires as to whether she is fine. Rhea says I came to the clinic and the specialist said I really want additional consideration and I realize Ranbir will deal with me. She sees Sid and asks him what occurred. Sid requests that Shahana take him out. Ranbir asks what has been going on with him. Shahana says they came to the emergency clinic for Sid.

Ranbir says how about we go and leaves. When everybody leaves, Prachi calls to the back rub salon. Prachi calls as Rhea’s partner to check in the event that Rhea booked a profound tissue knead or not and furthermore to check assuming that Alia likewise reserved a back rub. The secretary says just Rhea booked a back rub and there is nobody with Alia Khanna. Prachi comprehends that main Rhea booked a back rub and Alia didn’t.

Ranbir gets in the vehicle. Rhea likewise gets in the vehicle and says she isn’t irate with him any longer. Ranbir sees Rhea and requests that Aryan take his vehicle and says he is worn out. Ranbir takes Aryan vehicle and drives Prachi and Shahana. Prachi chooses to stand up to Rhea in the back rub salon on why she is having profound tissue knead even while she is pregnant.

The secretary calls Rhea and requests affirmation of the arrangement and Rhea says she ought to have called previously. The secretary says she didn’t call since she chatted with her colleague. Rhea gets some information about it? The secretary says she conversed with her right hand. Rhea gets dubious hearing this.

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