Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 1st July 2022 Written Update:

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The episode begins with Anubhav telling Goli and Ankit that he would rather not break the connection, yet nobody was prepared to pay attention to his justification behind gathering Gungun. He says that he can’t see her getting demolished wedding Ranvijay so he went to tell her his reality. Ankit inquires as to whether Gungun will wed Ranvijay in the wake of knowing reality. Anubhav says that he doesn’t, he asked her the equivalent, however she didn’t respond to him.

He says that Akriti offended and lifted her hand to slap Gungun without knowing reality. He says that Gungun is confronting this since him and feels regretful of not having the option to make any really meaningful difference. Golu shuts the entryway. He shares with Anubhav that what he will say will be off-base in their family’s perspective yet he will express it as it’s fundamental at this point. Anubhav asks what it’s. Golu requests that Anubhav separate from Akriti and wed Gungun. Anubhav looks on stunned.

Nithi, Goli and Kushi attempt to adjust Akriti’s perspective of separating from Anubhav. Goli says to pardon Anubhav and allows him a subsequent opportunity. Nithi and Kushi fault Gungun. Akriti consents to allow Anubhav a last opportunity. Later Akriti meets Ranvijay. Akriti tells Ranvijay to control his better half, she is behind destroying her life. Ranvijay says to control her significant other, who is consistently behind Gungun.

Akriti says that Gungun is behind Anubhav. Ranvijay says that Anubhav has nothing exceptional for any young lady to come behind him. Akriti asks how Gungun is extraordinary. Ranvijay says that she’s valuable and asks Akriti to inquiry the equivalent to Anubhav. They contend. Both say that they need retribution. Ranvijay says that adversary and foe are companions. Akriti requests that Ranvijay wed Gungun.

Ranvijay says that he needs to wed her, yet she alters her perspective like clockwork. He says that she slapped him before his folks and he needs to get back at her for that. Akriti expresses him to wed Gungun first then, at that point, get his payback. Ranvijay imagines that Akriti feels that Akriti believes should take care of her responsibilities by inciting him, yet he isn’t really dumb. Ranvijay says that Gungun needs to wed him to flaunt to the word.

Gungun will proceed to her issue with Anubhav after their marriage, it’s Gungun and Anubhav’s ground breaking strategy. Akriti says that Gungun will remain at his after marriage. Ranvijay says that no, she will remain in her home even after the marriage as nobody would be there to stop her. He says that their arrangement is Akriti will be loosened up feeling that Gungun is hitched, Anubhav will exploited this and will visit Gungun dailydaily by tricking her.

Akriti says that he misjudged Anubhav. He is generally out in front of her. She says that Anubhav broke the commitment and met Gungun once more. She catched them in the act. She doesn’t have the foggiest idea how long this will long. Ranvijay says that they need to track down a long-lasting answer for this issue. He says that he will kill her stunning Akriti. He says that Gungun’s demise will be gainful for the two of them, their apprehension and uncertainties will end for eternity.

He will likewise get what he needs. Akriti derides that Ranvijay boasts and in real life time he will ease off because of the anxiety toward police. Ranvijay says that police can do nothing until his father is. He asks how his thought is. Akriti says that she is a researcher and not killer. She will not make it happen. Ranvijay attempt to control Akriti.

He says that Anubhav and Gungun can move to America Or separation them and get hitched. Akriti says that she will attempt to get back Anubhav and on the off chance that she fizzles, she will ponder his arrangement. Yet, before that she will show Gungun a thing or two and she will do this today. Ranvijay says that he will be anxiously sitting tight for her choice. Akriti leaves. Ranvijay is certain that Akriti will get back to look for his assistance.

Akriti comes to Gungun’s home and compromises Gungun to enlist a grievance against her in the event that she meets Anubhav once more. Gungun explains thay Anubhav needed to meet her and adde that gathering somebody is a wrongdoing. She says that she can record a police objection against Akriti for attempting to slap her, yet she will not do like this as she’s not Akriti. She encourages Akriti to control her significant other. Akriti imagines that Ranvijay was correct, getting freed off Gungun is the main answer for this issue.

Akriti gets back. Anubhav converses with her and attempts to make sense of her the justification behind meet Anubhav. Akriti won’t pay attention to him and starte contending with him. Anubhav and Akriti get into a warmed contention. Anubhav says that their marriage would have occurred on the off chance that his family’s inner self wasn’t greater than his bliss. Akriti inquires as to whether he wasn’t with their marriage. Anubhav says that he was cheerful neither then nor now.

Akriti insults him that he is cheerful is with Gungun. Anubhav inquires as to whether he says OK. Akriti advises him that he is expressing this to his significant other. He says that she needed reality, so he said it. He says that they were battling from the day got hitched. He says that he is distraught in their connection nor he can keep her blissful. He says that Akriti is his obligation, however Gungun is his affection. He can’t take off from his obligation neither fail to remember Gungun.

Akriti advised him that he said that he would even not liked to take her name and aks what happened out of nowhere that he is going off the deep end for Gungun. Anubhav says that he misjudged Gungun, he got to realize that Gungun is wedding Ranvijay for another person. He won’t take off from Gungun’s liability. Akriti looks on stunned.

Precap: Gungun looks for Mumbai official’s assistance to get rebuffed Ranvijay. Reviewer calls Anubhav and requests that he come to Mumbai police. Anubhav inquires as to why. He says that his case got returned. Anubhav says something very similar to the family. Charudatt denies him from going to Mumbai. Anubhav says that he will go to Mumbai.

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