Banni Chow Home Delivery 1st July 2022 Written Update:

Banni Chow Home Delivery 1st July 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Banni saying we won’t concentrate as the need might arise to work for our families and prior to showing us low once live in our basti to know our concerns. Manini says that is the reason you utilized this method for arriving at the lodge? You offended my companion which I won’t bear. She cautions her to escape their home. She requests that her laborers toss out Banni.

Banni stops them saying she will leave. Anchal requests that she leave giving them the ring. Banni requests that Yuvan eliminate the ring which is causing her to get offended. Yuvan says he will complete two relationships like his father. Everybody gets stunned. Hemant attempts to stop yet he didn’t then Hemant slaps him.

Devraj chides Hemant. Banni says you know your child’s condition and you can cause him to comprehend with affection too without lifting your hand. Hemant leaves. Devraj signs Banni to eliminate it. Banni says it’s not emerging. Manini requests that Charmi eliminate the ring. Charmi takes out the ring cruelly. Banni bend Charmi’s finger and tells her that she is getting the aggravation. She requests that Kalpana eliminate it gradually.

Hemant lets Manini know that he did a slip-up and Banni is correct. He tells her he will apologize to Yuvan. Manini says Yuvan will feel he is right so set your mind-set. She shows him the wedding bands and takes him to the scene. Banni gets torment. She reclaims her hand and lets them know that she will return the ring by visiting gold Smith.

Manini apologizes to everybody for the show. She says we should begin commitment. She gives the ring to Yuvan and makes him put it to Niyati. Banni cries seeing her ring. Niyati likewise puts the ring on him. He yanks his hand and the rings emerge from Niyati and Yuvan’s fingers. Manini covers saying it’s the gem specialist’s misstep. Yuvan checks the entryway out.

Banni cries reviewing her affront. She comes to adornments store and notification it’s shut. A close by slow down individual tells her goldsmith will come following 4 days. Banni thinks Yuvan is purs however his demonstration established an imprint on our companionship.

Myra requests that his granddad do his enchanted like he used to do in bargains. Sulekha says connections are fragile so he can’t manage them like arrangements. Yuvan comes there and solicitations Devraj to cause him to wed Banni as she is solid and safeguards him and our mom are remaining close to overhead so advise Banni’s mom to give her to me and cause me to get hitched to her.

Devraj thinks he needs something very similar yet how to get it going. Banni couldn’t eliminate the ring. She lets Vishnu know that it’s not eliminating. Vishnu requests that she plunge in the hot water for quite a while. Banni says anything can happen to my finger however nothing can happen to this ring as it’s a ring of Yuvan’s mom.

Precap – At the market, Raja will give 7 days for Banni to reimburse his advance and tells her that he will wed her assuming she neglects to pay his 3lakhs. Viraj will beat Yuvan when he says he will wed Banni.

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