Kaamnaa 27th May 2022 Written Update:

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The episode begins with Sakshi saying Manav that she would wed just him and requests that who’s he meddle in her own matter. She rehashed his words that she’s an educator and visitor for Yadhu and who barges in such a great amount in a visitor’s life. Manav reviews Sakshi’s words and hauls her with him to converse with her. He shares with her that she truly believes she’s just an instructor and visitor to him and says that she came into his life when his own kin left him. He says that she’s the main companion in his life and concurs that he did a few errors yet he won’t express sorry as she’s his companion. Sakshi texts Parth that she’s grieved and won’t wed anybody whom he dislikes. Yadhu gets blissful and calls Ayesha. He imparts the cheerful news to her.

Ayesha sees Manav and Sakshi together and video calls Yadhu. He sees Manav and Sakshi together and gets blissful. Manav offers his fellowship hand to Sakshi and Sakshi acknowledges it saying that they are bff. She says thanks to him for clearing her misconception and apologizes for her way of behaving. Manav says there’s no heartbroken and thank you in companionship. He requests that she break the collusion and Sakshi says she will. Anurag hears everything stowing away and blows up. Malti additionally feels that Manav really focuses such a great amount on Sakshi and won’t recommend anything wrong for her. She chooses to break the union and calls Anuradha and says it as well.

Anuradha expresses it to Anurag who says he definitely knew it. Vaibhav expresses that in no less than 24 hours all that of Holkar’s will be his and he would prevail with regards to everything. Akanksha reminds him to incorporate her as well yet Vaibhav taunts her for her bombed plan. He receives Anurag’s message saying that he was correct and Sakshi broke her union with him. He says that they would continue with their arrangement. Vaibhav leaves blissful. Manav considers Yadhu and believes he’s upset however a cheerful Yadhu requests that he be late as he’s going to Ayesha’s home and cuts the call.

Yadhu and Sakshi are on stand by and the two of them bother and apologize one another. The two of them make up and Manav is blissful seeing them. He gets Meera’s assemble reminding about their conference with Kapoor financial backers and Manav says he would prepare all that at home. Yashoda calls Vaibhav and illuminates about Manav’s timetable the following day. Vaibhav discovers that Manav won’t go to pick Yadhu the following day and makes an arrangement. He requests that she quiet Manav’s telephone without him knowing it and Yashoda concurs. Manav drops Yadhu in school and Sakshi takes him with her. Vaibhav pay-offs Manav’s driver to lie that the vehicle stalled and his telephone was turned off. He did as he said. Yadhu quiets Manav however Manav who was with visitors didn’t see it as his telephone is quiet. Sakshi sees Yadhu alone and keeps watch on him.

Precap : Someone will hit Yadhu intentionally and Sakshi will attempt to save him yet he would get hit still. She will cry seeing his condition. Ayesha will race to Manav and will say that Sakshi mam called her and informed about Yadhu meeting with mishap stunning Manav.

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