Kaamnaa 26th May 2022 Written Update:

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The episode begins with Vaibhav picking Akanksha from Yadhu when Yadhu awakens. He battles under Vaibhav’s hold and requests that he leave him. Yashoda sees somebody showing up and compromises them to leave Yadhu with blade. Akanksha gets mistaken for her way of behaving and gets stunned seeing Manav and Meera in entryway. Meera is video recording everything. Yadhu was conscious when Akanksha came and messaging Manav.

Manav finds out if she video recorded everything and she says she recorded all that with full verification. Manav attacks Akanksha for involving his child for saving her beau. He says that he wouldn’t allow her child to meet her any longer. Vaibhav leaves while Manav says that today he would drop her appearance privileges. Akanksha falls on his feet and argues him not to do as such as yet Manav doesn’t get persuaded and tosses her out of the house. He terminates every one of the representatives and commendations Yashoda for attempting to save Yadhu. Yadhu embraces him.

Vaibhav feels that he wants to make another arrangement. Akanksha attacks him for not paying attention to her and winding up in dropping her appearance freedoms. Vaibhav says that she’s mixed up to feel that she just lost Yadhu yet she likewise lost the half portion of Kapoor gathering of Institutions. Akanksha asks him not to say so and Vaibhav requests that she let him be in harmony for him ti think straight. Akanksha concurs and leaves. Manav makes plans to telecommute and illuminates something similar to Yadhu.

Yadhu gets blissful hearing it. Anurag visits Manav and presents himself as Sakshi’s fiancee. Manav welcomes him and Anurag says regarding his and Sakshi’s marriage being second marriage. He gets some information about his relationship with Sakshi and Manav sends Yadhu inside with Yashoda. Manav won’t have any issue with Sakshi however Anurag doesn’t accept and talks sick about their relationship. He says it’s fine and he’s OK with it and disappears. Manav is astonished with his instability.

Yashoda calls Akanksha yet Vaibhav gets the call. She is sorry him first and justifications for why she acted so and Vaibhav says he comprehended. She says about Anurag visiting Manav and talking about his undertaking with Sakshi. Vaibhav imagines as he doesn’t mind however in the wake of cutting the call he makes arrangements to utilize Anurag. Vaibhav meets with Anurag. Manav sats Yadhu that he’s going out for a work and will be back soon. He guarantees Yadhu the equivalent.

Vaibhav fills Anurag’s ears against Manav. He says that Manav is involving Sakshi in the guise of being her child’s educator. He says that Sakshi is very close to home towards Yadhu and Manav utilizes it to have illicit relationship with Sakshi. He says it could proceed with even after marriage. Anurag says he’s a widow and it’s difficult for him to track down a lady for him. Vaibhav says he has an answer for keep Manav out of Sakshi’s life.

Manav visits Malti and Manav says that he’s there to examine about something significant. Malti expressions of remorse him and expresses that with trouble she tracked down a counterpart for Sakshi and in the event that Sakshi’s future family becomes acquainted with about it, it would bring about issues. She takes a stab at shutting the entryway however Manav powerfully enters saying that he’s there to examine about something vital.

He says about Anurag visiting him and talking sick about Sakshi. He says that whether he did clear beware of him however Malti says she did however much she could and cries asking him not to meddle. Manav has a go at causing her to comprehend that he’s not the right person for Sakshi and vows to track down a decent counterpart for Sakshi. Sakshi comes there who’s he to track down a husband to be for her. She says in conclusive that she will just wed him.

Precap : Someone will hit Yadhu purposely and Sakshi will attempt to save him yet to no end. She will cry seeing his condition. Ayesha will race to Manav and will say that Sakshi mam called her and informed about Yadhu meeting with mishap stunning Manav.

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