Kaamnaa 24th June 2022 Written Update:

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The episode begins with Niharika sitting tight for Manav. She gets disappointed and drops the party. Vaibhav partakes in her condition. He says that she has a confusion that all has a place with her however everything has a place with him including the organization and representatives. Anyway he sees her strain for Manav and doesn’t think that it is correct. Akanksha is raging that Manav never commended his birthday without her and chooses to hit up the party. Manav returns home and gets surprised seeing everybody present for his impromptu get-together. He gets blissful and takes everybody’s gifts.

He can hardly imagine how they have arranged this. He comes in and out of nowhere a pally falls all over. He eliminates it and gets astounded to track down Sakshi. He gets hypnotized seeing her clothing. Yadhu wakes him from his dazes and asks what she’s looking like. Manav goes puzzled and says she looks truly lovely that he was unable to try and distinguish her. Yadhu calls her patola and Manav asks from where did he realize this multitude of words. He says from Internet. He says he would close wifi and Yadhu says he can’t as the need might arise for his work. Sakshi requests that Yadhu get Manav spruced up as well. Yadhu takes him in.

Manav gets spruced up and asks what’s he looking like. Yadhu says like a film legend and says he as of now has organized a champion for him. He gives his gift to Manav yet before Manav could see the photograph outline. He gets a call. Sakshi welcomes Holkar and Ayesha when Holkar says that they need to return home as Ayesha isn’t well. Manav and Yadhu emerges and Karan and Babli acclaims Manav. Babli chastens him for looking at Manav and Vaibhav. Manav leaves to welcome Holkar. Yadhu comes to Swati and helps her to remember their arrangement. Akanksha has a go at entering the party however security doesn’t give her access. She has a go at entering for the sake of Niharika however other security get her. Manav gets Ayesha’s gift however requests that she grin yet Ayesha is as yet disturbed. Manav takes her and Yadhu to move.

Niharika is sitting upset when Vaibhav comes there requesting how to manage the food. He says he sent it to needy individuals so they could favor Manav. He additionally adds that Manav doesn’t regard her and figures she can’t run the workplace without her. Sakshi comes there right when Vaibhav was going to fill Niharika’s ears against Manav. She calls him Demon attempting to pull his pranks on Niharika. She sends him out. She makes sense of Niharika that she’s actually trapped in Vaibhav’s web and he’s attempting to isolate her and Manav.

She says that Vaibhav knows well that main Manav can ruin his arrangements and in this manner needs to isolate her from her own kin. She says everybody are hanging tight for her presence and requests that she come. Niharika thinks drawing near with Manav is the main way for her to make Vaibhav desirous and leaves with Sakshi. Akanksha conceals seeing Niharika and Sakshi. Manav welcomes Niharika and takes her in. The two of them accommodate and Ayesha gets blissful. Manav, Sakshi and Yadhu cheerfully dance together. Afterward, Niharika calls Manav in private for talking about something significant.

Precap : Niharika will request that Manav not let her be and cries holding his hand. Manav will attempt to make sense of her about Sakshi’s significance in his life. Akanksha will slip into Niharika’s vehicle.

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