Imlie 1st December 2022 Written Update:

Imlie 1st December 2022 Written Update on

Kid capturing pack’s chief takes shots at Imlie’s truck. Atharva safeguards grabbed youngsters. Imlie drives truck behind. Criminals return and catch Imlie, Atharva, and youngsters. Hooligan asks when they are not these kids’ folks or family members, for what reason did they come here to pass on. Imlie says we will bite the dust and arrive at Seeta maiya, however they will kick the bucket and arrive at paradise.

Thug assaults Atharva. Atharva punches him down the ground and cautions them to take off to save their lives. Supervisor taunts that the two of them seem to be advanced Laila Majnu and came here to pass on. Atharva inquires as to whether they fear thugs. They snicker on thugs. Manager orders group to go after Atharva. Atharva overwhelms them first, however at that point a hooligan hits his head from behind with a wooden board and harms him seriously.

Atharva is going to fall when Imlie runs and holds him and cautions thugs to dare not approach them. Supervisor picks a youngster and says they saw legend courageous woman show and ought to see what antagonist does. Rudra gets a call from his helpers that Atharva and Imlie are gotten by thugs attempting to save captured kids.

He requests that their area send police there. Devika cries stressed for Atharva and Imlie and expresses due to his resoluteness. Rudra says he simply safeguarding Atharva and Imlie from Chini and says he will illuminate police at the present time. Keya hears him and yells in the event that thugs hijacked Rudra and Atharva. Family joins. Shivani faults Imlie not surprisingly. Akash calls police magistrate.

Thugs attach Rudra to a truck and supervisor at gunpoint orders Imlie to drive the truck. Imlie stands up to. Manager compromises her to kill the children in the event that she doesn’t drive. Imlie drives truck. Rudra runs behind. Supervisor arranges her to speed up and allow her significant other to be delayed street. Anu over telephone illuminates Chini that attempted to Imlie, yet Imile detached her call.

Chini exhaust hearing that and gets back to her room. Nurture brings meds for herself and plays television. News transfers about finance manager Rudra Rana’s child and DIL are under kid hijacker’s snare. Chini exhaust that as opposed to saving her, Imlie and Atharva went to save kids and got caught. Specialist says they caused problems due to Chini’s theatrics. Chini tosses water all over.

Imlie sees Supervisor’s consideration redirected, takes his blade, and tosses it at Atharva. Atharva gets it and cuts the rope. Rathores get stressed for Imlie in the wake of learning over Imlie and Athharva’s kindap. Anu strolls in and insults that they ought to be similarly stressed over Chini, says Imlie is enduring as she let Chini go to mental haven superfluously. Rupali, Arpita, and Sundar reprimand her for her off-base educating to Chini. Atharva cuts the rope and hops on the truck.

Precap: Imlie gets caught in a virus chamber. Specialist requests that Atharva keep Imlie alert or she will get hypothermia and breakdown. Atharva makes an honest effort to keep Imlie conscious while Chini smiles.

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