Imlie 14th March 2022 Written Update:

Imlie 14th March 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with auntie reprimanding Narmada and offending Imlie. Aryan says Imlie is his better half. He had no clue they are coming. Auntie says she likewise had no clue he will give her such a shock. Aryan says she doesn’t know Imlie. After she will realize her she will not talk like this.

Gudiya behaves like crying and lets auntie know that they lost everything. She faults Aryan saying they used to cherish each from other why he wedded another person. Aryan observes its strange and Imlie controls her giggling seeing Gudiya’s theatrics. Imlie then, at that point, says sorry to her and auntie yells at her truism I even paired the horoscopes yet everything is done at this point. Imlie says she had barely any familiarity with it.

Aryan says he doesn’t have confidence in this.
He says the marriage will occur without a doubt. Imlie figures she will accomplish something that will bomb Aryan’s arrangement. Aryan this his arrangement will be preferable over Imlie’s arrangement. Imlie contacts Narmada’s feet and feels terrible as she can’t come clean with her. Aryan likewise takes her favors and Narmada embraces Imlie and him. Auntie says on the off chance that Narmada’s significant other was alive this could never have occurred. Imlie’s tear falls on Aryan’s hand.

Imlie checks out at herself in the mirror. She reviews her first marriage and says she can’t allow anything to control her life. This vermilion can’t change things in her day to day existence. She attempts to eliminate it however Arpita comes to give her tea. Arpita questions her whether she got compressed by Aryan and is this the piece of vengeance plan. Imlie lies that she gave her assent for this marriage. Arpita says she is glad that Imlieh came into their lives. Arpita leaves the room and observes Aryan was hearing their discussion.

Arpita says she questioned hishh choice and hence she conversed with Imlie. Arpita says Imlie is significant for her exactly how Arvind ish significant for Aryan. Aryan says she shouldn’t contrast Imlie and Arvind. He reassures her. Arpita says he adores Imlie he demonstrated that. Aryan says he simply needs to shield her from Aditya. Arpita says when you love somebody you need to shield that individual from the world. Arpita then, at that point, advises Aryan to impart the space to Imlie. Aryan feels reluctant and says Narmada didn’t observer their marriage yet. Arpita says she will persuade her. She lets him know the very best.

Auntie tells Narmada she ought to have really taken a look at Aryan and Imlie’s horoscopes. She misstepped the same way for Arpita’s situation and Arvind kicked the bucket. She incites Narmada to actually look at the horoscopes. Aryan goes into the room and discloses to Imlie that Arpita secured him in the room as they are hitched. He redirects the subject and gets some information about her profession.

Imlie tosses cushions at him irately and says he destroyed her life and presently getting some information about her vocation. Aryan says as she generally takes wrong choices. Her first misstep was leaving the work. Imlie says she can leave as Aditya is liberated from the allegations. Aryan says he actually has the video against him. Imlie says she simply loathes him for what he did. He pulls her nearer saying why she didn’t come clean to Narmada or Arpita. Imlie says he is a demon not she. She can’t hurt his family as they are not answerable for his deed.

She can’t hurt their feelings. Imlie falls asleep and thinks Aryan is attempting to lay down with her and she cautions him. Aryan takes the cushion and dozes on lounge chair. He says from tomorrow she wont get sufficient rest as their marriage ceremonies will start. She figures she won’t allow it to occur. Narmada says she won’t rehash a similar mix-up and she will actually take a look at the horoscopes. Auntie sneers.

Imlie awakens and sees Aryan is chipping away at PC. She can’t rest because of AC temperature. She switches it off. Aryan turns it on. The two of them rehash it. Imlie gets into a contention with him and says she can’t rest like this. Aryan says it’s as of now morning as he is feeling sweltering. She says he woke up at 3am so that is not her concern. She requests the AC remote yet he doesn’t give her. She says she will blow up and the remote breaks after she persuasively attempts to take the remote.

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Aryan ridicules her. Narmada comes and says she called minister to actually take a look at the horoscopes of them. She says she won’t rehash the mix-up as she did in Arvind’s time. In the event that their horoscopes dont match she will not acknowledge this marriage. Aryan says they are now hitched and Narmada shouldn’t have faith in notions. Narmada doesnt tune in and leaves. Imlie tells Aryan she realizes it won’t ever pair.

Rupy tells Aparna that Imlie and Aryan will get authoritatively hitched. Aditya says their horoscopes won’t ever match as Sita Maiya made Aditya and Imlie’s pair. Minister says Aryan and Imlie’s horoscopes are absolutely inverse. it will obliterate their lives. Narmada says she adores Imlie yet can’t acknowledge this marriage now. Aryan leaves out of resentment. Auntie and Gudiya examine about their preparation. The minister is an entertainer and he takes cash from auntie. He puts on something else and Aryan sees him. He thinks Imlie recruited this phony minister. Presently it’s his chance to change the game.

Precap-Aryan calls numerous ministers to really look at their horoscopes.

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