Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 14th March 2022 Written Update:

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 14th March 2022 Written Update: Episode begins with Ashwini asking Virat to get once again to Chavan Niwas, while he couldn’t ready to see her hurt and consents to satisfy her interest. Samrat and Ashwini gets happy and embraces Virat, spilling their feelings out. Though, Sai likewise comes there alongside Pulkit to persuade Virat yet quit seeing Ashwini and his second. Sai says that they shouldn’t upset them, while Pulkit states that it is great that at last Virat began excusing them. Around then Virat breaks the embrace and says that he can never pardon them. He expresses that he just consented to go with her since he can’t see her hurt. He acknowledges that his mom had done a ton for himself and says that he can never despise her for anything.

Here, Virat saves a condition for getting once again to this house and says that he will remain alone and won’t converse with anybody inside the house. He proclaims that nobody will upset him and he won’t impart any discussion to the family. Ashwini gets stunned while Samrat attempts to interfere with Virat.

Samrat attempts to persuade his sibling to drop his condition, yet last option says that without the acknowledgment of his condition, he will not go inside the Chavan Niwas. Sai additionally gets stunned hearing his interest, while Pulkit generally tries to avoid Virat’s disposition, to which Sai inform him that behind this resentment of Virat there is considerably more love for his loved ones. She says that he is simply attempting to conceal his aggravation behind his unfeeling face.

Somewhere else, Sai tells that Virat is truly harmed and gets enthusiastic for him. She decides to get conciliatory sentiment from him, entire Pulkit questions that how she will enter inside Chawan Niwas? To which she grins telling that she should go inside the house as she can’t let Virat be. She pronounces that she will follow Virta any place he goes.

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Virat says that he at no point needed to confront his family in the future, however Ashwini’s tears made him feeble. He says that he can never resist her and broadcasts that she just have two choices, either to consent to his condition or let him stay in his loft. Ashwini breaksdown, however at that point takes a choice expressing that she can’t do without him. She consents to satisfy his condition.

Ahead, Chavans gets stressed thoroughly considering Virat. They talk about how he left the clinic without illuminating anybody. In the mean time, Devyani consoles Mansi, though last option feels terrible for her. Sonali likewise ends up being concerned, while around then Virat comes there alongside Ashwini and Samrat.

Chavans gets cheerful after seeing Virat and invites him affectionately. The shows generally their adoration towards him, while he stands their being aloof. He pronounces that he can always remember their doubt, while Ninad clarifies that it was each of the a misconception. Though, Virat inform them about his condition. He says that in the event that they don’t consent to him then he will leave, to which Bhavani stops him and welcomes for the Holika Dahan work.

Further, Pakhi shows her anxiety towards Virat and implores hit him up. She assists him with ascending the stepping stools while Samrat sees her aims. Afterward, in the capacity he defies her while she says that she was simply attempting to help Virat. In the mean time, Bhavani announces to consume all their awful recollections inside the Holika fire, though Sonali states that they will likewise consume every one of the terrible recollections of Sai. In the interim, Sai comes there to join the festival, while Chavans gets stunned.

Precap:- Omkar request that Virat fire the Holika, so all the pessimism energy around him will consume. He by implication insults Sai, while she joins Virat while making it happen. Pakhi taunts Sai, while last option gives a befitting answer to her. Though, Pakhi becomes irate and was going to slap Sai, when last option holds her hands and halted her.

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