Harphoul Mohini 1st December 2022 Written Update:

Harphoul Mohini 1st December 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Mahesa expresses go to your father and we will shoot your better half. the lady cries. She says kindly let us go. They shoot her better half. Everybody is terrified. Mahesha says I shot in the air, in the future I will shoot his head. He says we will all play a game at this point. I need replies to my inquiries. I will check whether your God comes to save you. Devi and Harphoul actually look at the other film. Harphoul contemplates Balwant. He says Balwant is behind this. So video was phony?

Mahesha says your God can’t save you today. Mohini says he will show you what he can do. He says we will see. We should play a game. Whoever loses will go to God. Harphoul and Devi come external Balwant’s home. Harphoul ascends. He slips into the house. Divyani sees him. She says what are you doing here? Harphoul says I need to see Balwant at this moment. Banwari says you can’t. Divyani says stop.

A man says who will deal with my girl after me. Let me go, please. Mahesa shoots him and says now you will no. Everybody shouts. His little girl hurries to him. Everybody cries. Divyani shows Harphoul inside. He just sees the back. Harphoul says let me see the face. Banwari hauls him out.

Mahesa says did your God save you? Banwari and his men hit Harphou. Police come outside. They prevent Harphoul from going to Balwant’s room. Banwari says he’s a criminal, he is here to take. Harphoul says Balwant has hijacked my loved ones. He says to proceed to document a protest. You can’t break into the house.

Harphoul says their lives are at serious risk. He says there’s no mishap news. you will find them soon. Harphoul battles with an investigator. They examine him all things considered. Banwari says the game would end in 60 minutes.

Mahesa requests that the children continue to run. He says whoever is abandoned will lose. Mohini checks out at Santok and says this isn’t correct. Harphoul says let me go. Balwant has abducted my loved ones. Mahesa says this is my game. I conclude who passes on here. Mahesa goes into the room and removes his cover. It’s Balwant. He says this game would be entertaining.

Precap: Balvant says when this game finishes, I will end numerous different games as well. Mohini figures she can’t see anybody bite the dust now. Mohini slides back, a thug sees her and yells at her and shoots her.

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