Harphoul Mohini 30th November 2022 Written Update:

Harphoul Mohini 30th November 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Everybody partakes in the transport. The driver stops the transport. Somebody begins shooting toward it. Devi quits grinning at home. The hooligans get into the transport. Devi shares with Harphoul how about we go to Mohini. He says would you say you are insane? Mohini says you additionally miss her. They blindfold everybody.

Haprhoul gives her milk. She says to bring Mohini back first. SHe doesn’t converse with him. The hooligans take Mai and Mohini outside the transport. Saroj callsHarphoul and says they have not contacted them. Shalini says their telephones are off as well. Harphoul says I have not to go get her. Shalini says take Devi as well. Haprhoul takes her.

Harphoul comes to the transport stand. There are families there, their telephones are off. The transport is absent. Mohini gets out whatever do you need? Let the children and elderly folks individuals go. He expresses shut up. Sukha says don’t converse with her like that. He hits Sukha. Mohini holds him. She says kindly don’t do that. Harphoul ponders Mohini. Harphoul says we need to track down the transport. Devi says you can definitely relax, somebody probably seen. See around bruised eyes. He says you mean CCTV?

Everybody is confined in a dull spot. Mai is terrified. Mohini says don’t stress I’m with you. Mai says where could we be? Harphoul sees CCTV film. He says the transport left where did it go? The thugs remove their blindfolds. Mohini asks the children not to stress. The thugs put firearms on them.

The transport stand official lets Harphoul know there’s no recording. Devi says there is some work underway outside. We need to go there. Devi and Harphoul go there. Shalini calls Harphoul. He says don’t stress I will bring them back home. Shalini ponders who did this when Balwant is wiped out.

The driving force comes in. He says quit crying. All of you have one day left. Try not to cry, review your God. Kids cry seeing his cover. He expresses shut up. You are irritating me. Men don’t cry. Mohini says let the children go. He says you’re my visitors. Mohini says who are you? He says I am Mahesa.

I don’t need cash or anything. I need you all here for no particular reason. Kids cry. He tosses water on them and says men don’t cry. Try not to cry or I wi. A lady says let me go. My father isn’t well. Kindly let me go. They say we can shoot him. Mohini says don’t do that. He says to hoot her first, she’s attempting to be the pioneer.

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