Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th April 2022 written update:

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th April 2022 written update on serialtalk.com

Episode begins with Amma expressing Rajjo not to cook, I will request that Vimlesh cook. Vimlesh denies. Rajjo says I cook food with adoration. Amma requests to cook stuffed okra, Rajjo denies as Chamchi could do without. Rajjo says I cook stuffed kerela. Aamma denies. Rajjo says we bring from outside. Amma denies.

At police headquarters Ritik, Lallu, Maisha meets Inspector Happu. Maisha gets happy☺️. Manohar and Rameshpall Insult Happu by implication. Happu chastens them. Happu affronts them. Chautwal shows up and chasten Happu for acting as overseer instead of constable. Ritik gets stunned.

Rajjo requests that Amma tell at long last. Amma requests that she call Happu. Happu cuts call. Chautwal chastens happpu for acting as reviewer being constable. Happu attempts to make sense of, yet he doesn’t permit. Rajjo calls Happu, Happu says I’m occupied, yet the two of them quarrel available to work over preparing food, while chautwal admonishes happu. Maisha and lallu goes being furious.

Happu attempts to comfort Ritik, yet Ritik says I will illuminate at home. Happu demand him not to do as such, yet Ritik goes expressing I will get it done..

Ritik meets Ranveer and Chamchi at frozen yogurt parlor. Chamchi-Ranveer prods him in regards to Maisha. Ritik talks in a roundabout way, and he let everything know that Happu is downgraded as constable, while Kamlesh hears everything.

Happu shows up at home, Amma gets some information about preparing food. Happu flies off the handle. Amma says let him rest for at some point. Happu says I work in station to settle food cases and lashes out. Benny and Vimlesh not to fly off the handle a lot. Happu says everybody chastens me in any event, being Inspector. Kamlesh comes your falsehoods pot are broken, as you are not overseer any longer, rather you are junior constable. Ritik, Ranveer and Chamchi gets stunned.

Kat asks Kamlesh not to affront Happu. Kamlesh says I won’t talk little individuals, as I keep companionship with large individuals as it were.

Happu says this reality, and credit goes to Amma and Rajjo. Happu cries expressing I asked them not to call me but rather you disagreed. Amma asks him not to cry. Amma requests that Rajjo cook prathas. Rajjo denies. Happu, Ritik, Ranveer, Chamchi heads inside.

Kat cries as Kamlesh broken companionship. Malika asks reason, gussing Kamlesh hurted you. Kat figures I can’t tell her reality. Kat lies expressing that I gathered cash for my dress, yet somebody took it. Malika says leave it. Kat cries as that worth of dress (committed to kamlesh). Malaika asks not to cry, you will look old. Kat quit crying requesting to bring Cumcumber. Once more, kat cries.

Precap:- Benny gives thought to happu settling utilizing food. Chautwal acclaims Rajjo requesting that she join police office. Happu denies, yet Rajjo acknowledges offer.

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