Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th April 2022 Written Update:

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th April 2022 Written Update on

Anu and Vibhu in corridor. Vibhu shares with her I’m grieved, really Tiwari called me so I need to go and conveyance his package earnestly. Anu says are you his conveyance kid, Tillu might have likewise gone. Vibhu says it was costly package, there was weighty money and he have little to no faith in anybody with the exception of me. Anu says just you are reliable for him.

Vibhu says it’s commendation for myself and attempt to get heartfelt to her. Anu saya it’s not really great for our connection. Vibhu says quit ruining your disposition, you higher up light scented candles and we should sentiment. Anu says how about we really do pretend of Raja Ram circuit repairman. Anu call Malkhan and says I’m talking from selling organization and attempt to sele his items. Vibhu yells shutup and separates call. Anu says come quick.

Angoori available to work with Bhuri says I’m miserable I suspect as much no taste is left in my food. Tiwari strolls in room chatting on telephone about business and separates. Tiwari ask Angoori aren’t you dozed at this point, says I have gas in my stomach. Angoori out of resentment answer him inconsiderately. Tiwari ask did you eat. Angoori says no I’m disturbed. Tiwari expresses due to arrengements.

Angoori says do you believe I’m furious as a result of that I’m irate in light of the fact that you could do without my food and having outside. Tiwari says that is the issue on the off chance that men that they don’t eat food cook by there wifes, it has such a lot of nourishment and says a sonnet. Angoori figures he can’t grasp that I’m furious on her and make sense of her beginning and end and cry. Tiwari begin wheezing. Angoori get’s call from Pappu selling and Tillu attempt to sell his item. Angoori derides him and yells and nods off.

Anu in her room hanging tight for Vibhu. Vibhu strolls to her as Raja Ram circuit tester expresses I’m here. Anu says I was hanging tight for you. Vibhu get’s into roll and begin going about as circuit tester. Vibhu checks light and he get shock. Anu get’s frightened ask what occur. Vibhu aays there is a few issue in light and the two of them start there sentiment. Power go and Anu yells, she request that he light candel. Tiwari yells from outside says Vibhu come out settlement need you, you are the divine force of this state. Anu ask him not to go. Vibhu says did you heard they call me divine force of this state, I have acquired this standing. Vibhu get’s call from Tiwari. Tiwari request that he check for power and show your ability. Vibhu says stand by I’ll come. Tiwari lauds him ready to come in case of an emergency a ton. Vibhu says I’ll be there in a moment and he leaves. Anu get’s call from selling, Teeka attempting to sell his light. Anu yells at him.

Vibhu attempting to fix power. Tiwari leaves his home and call Anu for walk. Anu leaves and says it’s so hot. The two of them stroll to Vibhu and see him fixing transformer. Anu ask is it done mister engineer. Tiwari says simply sit back and relax. Anu says do you think he has much familiarity with transformer. Vibhu says I’m an electrical designer. Tiwari ask Anu do you have reply. Anu inquire as to for what reason are you adulating him a ton. Vibhu shares with Tiwari, spouse just see negative things in there husband. Anu blows up and says I’m tired from him and leave.

A man strolls with Happu and Manohar and show them Vibhu see he is taking power. Vibhu says your transformer isn’t working the way in which I’ll take power, I’m attempting to fix it. Tiwari tells Happu entire settlement don’t have light and just Vibhu is the savvy one. Happu tells Vibhu without government authorities authorization you are attempting to fix it so all things considered we are capturing you. Vibhu says are you crazy I’m attempting to fix it. Man says on the off chance that you will fix it, how we will respond. Tiwari and Vibhu ridicules him and Happu. Manohar says you will be locked up for affronting cop and obliterating government property. Tiwari shares with Vibhu don’t stress we will go to high court. Vibhu says listen we should get out this matter here since entire settlement is engaged with this. Happu request that Manohar bring Vibhu to prison.

Happu and Manohar accomplishing official’s home work. Happu request that Manohar really do quick we want to send it at his home. Vibhu derides them for there work. Happu request that he stay silent. Tiwari strolls to them and begin lauding Vibhu and tells Happu you don’t remember him, he is an entertainer. Manohar ask might he at any point disappear Happu. Happu chastens him. Tiwari says he is precious stone and I could do without him in prison. Happu says don’t stress I’ll place you in prison with him in misrepresentation cases.

Tiwari request that Happu come to the side and says he is exceptionally valuable, on the off chance that you play with mind, he can do your clothing even your underpants. Happu ask how. Tiwari says simply acclaim him. Happu says do you have any insight. Tiwari says OK I have did a great deal. Vibhu says quit adulating me. Happu says I’m sorry Vibhu I know everything now and request that Manohar discharge him and give him snacks to eat. Vibhu leaves. Happu begin applauding him. Vibhu says thanks to Tiwari. Manohar bring one glass of tea. Vibhu says where is Tiwari’s cup and tidbits. Happu says don’t stress first you have it and they are cooking snacks for you. Manohar says I can’t accomplish this work of magistrates house might we at any point ask another person to do. Happu says it’s challenging to do and Vibhu join along, Happu lauds him once more. Vibhu says don’t stress I’ll go about your responsibilities.

Anu and Angoori together. Anu shares with Angoori we can do one thing we won’t allow them to meet one another. Angoori ask how can that be. Anu says you trap Tiwari, I’ll trap Vibhu.

Tiwari tells Angoori for what reason are you catching me.
Vibhu ask Anu for what reason did you locked the primary entryway. Anu expresses on the grounds that from here on out you will go back and forth with my consent

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