Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 25th April 2022 written update:

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 25th April 2022 written update on serialtalk.com

Episode begins with Amma It is exceptionally awful to Ask Rajjo that tea. Rajjo says still she requested tea. Amma says I can’t adulate counterfeit. Rajjo asks what would it be a good idea for her she cook. Amma asks her cook herself. Rajjo says would it be advisable for me to cook bittergroud? Amma rejects that she cooks it harsh, as she bubbles it. I will cook without bubbling and profound fry. Rajjo says than cook and shows. Amma says I will not cook in this age. Rajjo says do tell, would it be advisable for me I cook Tinde or Arbi. Amma says Tinde we had yesterday cook Arbi.

Comissioner asks Happu that Shakal will come here without a doubt. Happu says without a doubt, if not you will be downgraded. Shakal shows up with his pack. Comissioner says I will proceed to get him. Happu says I gave you tip, so I will get him, however Comissioner denies.

Rajjo tells Amma lets call Happu and inquire. She calls him, however Happu continue to separate it. Comissioner requests that Happu be ready. Rajjo again calls Happu, he gets. Rajjo asks him what she ought to cook about Tinde or Arbi. Happu denies having both. He requests to cook bittergroud, yet Rajjo says Amma could do without, expressing I will cook potato. Happu says I really want to go, and the two of them battle once more. Comissioner calls him for help, however happu is late and comissioner is beaten seriously.

In school Ritik and Lallu meet a young lady Maisha. Ritik jokes on Lallu’ father being Havladar Manohar. Ritik says my dad Happu is Police. The two of them attempts to play with Maisha. Maisha consents to go with Ritik. They all Plan to have frozen yogurt.

Around evening time Again Rajjo asks Amma to what she cook for supper. Rajjo says I will cook Luki. Amma denies. Happu shows up who admonish them and tell about his occurrence and lash out. Amma and Rajjo says sorry. Happu asks them not to inconvenience him again for food.

Kat and Malaika are having frozen yogurt. Kat requests that Malaika chill as we will meet Kamlesh. Kamlesh shows up and gets happy☺️ expressing large finance managers are putting resources into our business. Kat gets cheerful. Kamlesh says enormous finance managers asked me not to meet lower individuals, and I am blissful as you are additionally large, as Happu is assessor. Malika derides him expressing you are pointless without your dad. Kamlesh says I have everything not at all like you. Malika blows up and beat him dark blue.

Following Day Amma again castigate about tea. Rajjo gets some information about cook. Amma says cook anything. Rajjo says I will cook Arbi, Tori, Tinde, gobi, baigan. Amma denies them and requests to cook other than this. Vimlesh brings gobi cooked by benny. Amma acclaims her.

Happu comes, Rajjo asks him. Happu blows up on this once more. Manohar accompanies vegetables and requests that he sort out for teaand samosa. He asks Rajjo not to call and cook anything.

Precap:- Police official downgrades Comissioner and Happu as Havaldar and advances Manohar as their senior. Manohar flaunt his powers.

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